[suggestion] buyable soulbound

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  1. the other day I was out in the wastelands with my amazing diamond sword and started to think of how sad it would be if I were to die and lose it. This got me thinking: It would be cool if you could pay senior staff to actually put soulbound on your own weapons, tools and armour. Please take this idea into consideration as I think many people might agree with me.

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  2. What about the price? I think 20k per item would work best so it's not OP :p maybe even more
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  3. Well, this has been suggested many times before, and the conclusion was made that it would just be too "OP" to make any old item Soulbound for a sum of money. We do have Soulbound blades out there which you can buy/trade/obtain, they are there to be collected, and if you really want to then you can use them. :)
  4. if you are willing to sacrifice the protection and damage, voters gear is soulbound and unbreakable.
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