[SUGGESTION] Button-triggered RTS

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  1. Recently buttons were updated so they can trigger RTS signs, awesome. There's one thing I'd suggest though. Currently, anyone whether or not they have a use flag can trigger RTS and [Message] signs.

    Maybe make it so that you need a use flag to do it? I think the main point of buttons is that they require use flags, and to have them work with anyone kind of defeats the purpose. I tried making one to get to my underground storage, and recently people have been getting down there by just clicking the button (nobody other than myself have any flags).

    If not, maybe we could have +buttonrts and +buttonmsg flag which you need for that to work? Separate from use flag, so if you had +use you could use buttonrts and buttonmsg by default. So basically buttonrts and buttonmsg are sub-flags of use; if that makes sense.
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  2. Because it's the same as the normal RTS and only in a different form, it should definitely be gone about with a flag, which allows anyone to use them by default, not limiting them to +use, as your latter suggestion says. :)
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  3. Also it has to be takin into account that you can shoot wooden buttons with arrows.
  4. Doesn't work, at least without use flag anyway.
  5. Well, in that case it's up to the player to use stone buttons.
    It works without a use flag.
  6. You can also weigh down wooden pressure pads with arrows and anything else.
  7. I just tested both a RTS and Message signs with wooden buttons on them, neither did anything when I fired onto them, its on my alts res without use flag.
  8. No I mean, if there's a wooden button with redstone on it, then that gets fired off. Also you can just press the button normally and it will work without a use flag, that's what I'm saying.