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  1. It's really simple. Say you're on Smp6 and your residence is on smp8. All you have to do is type /home and it takes you to your home on the correct server.

    We could even do this for everyone's residence too, if you don't want to type in the extra /server command.

    Would it be difficult to do this?
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  2. I like this, as long as its not usable in the wild :p
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  3. Well, would your items be transferred?
  4. lol, is it honestly too hard to /server and /v ?
  5. Still would have to vault I assume
    The thing is, if you're gold or diamond and have many res, and you are home on smp1 and home 2 on smp3, you'll bounce around if you mistype
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  6. It's our generation
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  7. Aikar added something to the bug tracker a little while ago about it. It is low on priority but I truly don't see the point. If it took 5 minutes to do the command I could see a problem but it takes just a few more seconds.
  8. If I could give you a medal right now..
  9. Good Idea, cannot seem to find it in the Track.
  10. While it is "lazy", I see no real problem in it.
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