[Suggestion] Building between residences

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  1. This has probably been suggested before or it's impossible to add. In which case, I'm an idiot but anyway...

    You know the current situation if you own 2 adjacent residences and want to build between them you have to get senior staff to do it for you at 10,000r a pop since it's town property. Well how about changing the classification of the roads slightly so they are not town property but instead are classed as another residence. They cannot be claimed by default and the only way to claim them is to get a senior staff member to register it as your property, still for a fee of 10,000r of course. This would be win/win for regular members and staff because the owner can now edit it whenever they like even when there are no staff online and without spending 10k every time too. Staff benefit because they don't have to spend time building on the road to the owner's requirements, instead just give the small bit of land to the player and you're done!
  2. -1 sorry but i think this is impossible
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  3. Man, my suggestions are terrible XD
  4. Sorry, not possible. This has been suggested and denied here.