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  1. Ok, so I had an awesome idea. And yah yah. I need stop posting these. Just get over it. But what I'm thinking is that you could have a creative server, it would be like /create to get to it. But what it is is a creative server, that is an exact copy of the town as in where the residences are claimed, and if you have a 2x2 or a 1x2 you would have access to the roads between them. It would just be something you could design on. If you were gold/diamond, you would have the ability to A-Use this server and B-Talk in town chat while there. The reason I'm making this is because I need to design something huge, but I jsut don't want to stop talking in chat/getting offers/etc. Leave your feedback and vote in the poll!
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  2. Hm, this might be a good idea. But we already have 10 smp's (Utopia being the 10th)
    And I don't think this is a priority right now, but it'd be cool to have it in the future.

    Edut- Utopia is basically a creative server
  3. Uhh.... I don't know where you came up with that but it isn't a creative server...
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  4. The logistics of spinning up and maintaining a creative server for design purposes only are extremely impractical. Everyone gets along just fine designing in single player and sending their road designs to the SS in a file.

    Not to say that it won't ever happen, because never say never, but the creative server you suggest is not going to happen any time soon.
  5. Solution: Open up your Minecraft and go into EMC. Then close the launcher (but keep the actual window open), re-login with your account, and go into a singleplayer world where you can design. You can design in one world, watch the chat in the other. :)
  6. I like the idea. A friend once showed me a server ("other place") where they have this: the ability to connect to a creative world. You have your own plot but have full creative access to do with it as you please. Obviously your inventory is strictly separated from the regular game.

    But as much as I like the idea I can't help wonder if this wouldn't create a huge amount of overhead for the servers. I mean: it'll either need to be a new server (for full separation) like Utopia is, or some kind of creative 'World' on the existing ones (which will probably create extra overhead by itself).

    Still; this gave me an idea for a (mini) tutorial on how to quickly create your own town world. Need to work on that a little...
  7. Or better yet, just pop into Mumble! I can't believe how many EMC players there are and how few are actually using the voip.
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  8. Would be cool but not worth the extra costs for another server. This is what I use SP for. You can build anything you want until you like it enough to then copy it to you res. And its much easier to as you can have SP window open as well as server window open.
  9. i think this could cause drama :( emc could be too big for this. i (sometimes) play on another small (but cool) server which has this creative 'hub' where u can claim a plot and build on it. its nice. but it also takes space. and b/c emc ran out of room already on utopia (?) this would fill up quick too i think.

    so then u need to have a very short derelict policy, or make it supporter only, or maybe supporter-access only. and i think that could cause probs. u build something in the weekend, come back after weekend and its gone?

    if emc adds a server i like a game server much better than creative tbh.
  10. That's a different story. See I like being able to work fullscreen and not have to constantly just to type something. I don't have a second monitor so yah :/ Wouldn't work too good.

    I use mumble. Mumble is amazing. But not all of my EMC Friends are on mumble.

    I said it's a copy of town. Not a brand new res claim server :I
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