[SUGGESTION] Build:ID Residence Flag

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  1. To help out people who want to build public farms or give out dig jobs, you could be able to do /res pset|set build:ID|place:ID|destroy:ID to only allow editing of a certain block.

    Example - /res set build:1 t - Allows anyone to break or place any stone block but nothing else.

    EDIT: Would support minecraft:block instead of ID, for example /res set build:minecraft:stone would allow stone.
  2. To be honest, I don't think using numerical ID's is a good idea, because they will not be used any more in 1.8
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  3. Neat idea, though 607's got a point about the implementation thereof.
    Would be kinda funny to have a "grief party" and only allow dirt blocks to be broken though. :D
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  4. Haro plz, I aint gonna memorize what all them numbers mean. (although i did have an idea like this before using power tools to define a certain area that someone/anyone can have a certain flag in on your res)
  5. Editted OP.
  6. This is planned.
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  7. You know what this reminds me of? The lumpy pumpkin on smp1. Lasluin wanted this implemented to simulate people being able to break the pots running in :rolleyes: