[SUGGESTION] build:crop and destroy:crop flags

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  1. Quick rundown:
    I've had a few friends who wanted to farm plants on my residences, which I've had no problem with... I mean, if I'm not farming them, who else will get to farm them? They'll just sit there with nowhere else to go or grow (and won't continue to grow anymore), I find myself too lazy to farm them at times, and then there's times where I just wanna be generous and just let people harvest them for themselves as an act of charity.

    only... there IS a problem: I don't wanna give people full-on build/destroy perms, because that gives them the power to break every block, and not just crops.

    Is there any way this could be implemented?
    And if so, could it be broken up into different categories of crops (including cocoa beans), stems, saplings, and plants (such as cacti and sugar cane that have "towers" per level)?

    Feedback appreciated. :)
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  2. + 1. I like this.
  3. Why not have the Crop flag Under Place:Crop?

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  4. Well technically, I guess this could work either-or :D
  5. +1 sounds like a very interesting idea.

    Note (from the top of my head) something similar like this has been suggested before (quite some time ago) and I believe that it is known by the developers (but that's a very rough guess on my part).

    Even so: I fully agree. It would be very interesting if we could select between the kinds of blocks which we'd like to allow players to place or remove (or both) :)
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  6. +1 - this sort of thing has been discussed before with making public generators: each block would be a subflag of build and destroy. example: you have a public stone gen. /res set destroy:stone t. boom. done.

    as much as i like this idea, i think it will have to wait until the system i discussed above is implemented, as what you are suggesting would be a part of that. i do like the idea to have more than blocks - for things like crops, although i would like to be able to select which crop.
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