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  1. Dear EMC team,

    Recently, I've noticed many people have quite a few opinions on EMC and I think a general area for discussing debates could be useful- especially matters to do with the the world (Eg- in the UK: the EU crisis.) We could have, maybe, a different issue every two weeks/month depending on how active MP's are. This is only a short post but I'd like to see what you think!
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  2. Honestly, I see more quarrels coming from this than anything. This isn't my "lingering disagreement" from another post, I promise. :) Political debates always seem to attract the wrong kind of attention. Maybe if it was closely moderated for foul play?
  3. Yes, it could have some minor problems- closely moderated would be a good idea though.
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  4. Or, another simple solution: Just don't have political debates on EMC at all
    We are a family friendly server, and for the most part not a lot of otherwise content is posted
    • This would be even more things staff have to do, which leads to staff having less of a chance to be like normal players and actually get things done (not saying that staff don't like their jobs, but it's harder for a staff member to run a shop than a norm. player)
    • Fighting would no doubt in my mind be rampant- politics are a slippery slope on any kind of forum and considering all the things that sometimes leave our otherwise unified community divided, we don't need an entire other reason
    • We don't need one. This is a Minecraft server, which means we should only be talking about Minecraft stuff. Yes, sometimes things like personal life and mixed in, but its generally topics that come up in small talk (favorite games, forum games, etc)
  5. Dont get what u saying, i mean.... She is suggesting like a weekly thread for political debates(which in these people can express themselves as they want) and then you are adding to the suggestion by "closing" it... Dont get it :/

    I do agree that politics should be outside of EMC, but if they add a section for political debate i would just ignore it, and see the forums without out them it benefits the one who doesnt want drama, and the ones who want to debate, so +1

    Saying that we dont need it is not a valid argument, as part of the community is interested in it.
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  6. As tuqueque has said, there is no need to become defensive about my post- it was only a suggestion- I knew it wouldn't be put forward but if you're not intereseted in my thread then just ignore it, we don't need to have arguments, thankyou. Everyone has their own opinion!