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  1. Okay so I've seen quite a bit of bad language lately on the servers and I thought of this.
    When a player types a bad word such as a swear word into both in-game chat and on the forums the system automatically replaces that word with some text such as -SNIP-, along with this the system can also send a report to the staff to review this players behaviour and other things they might be saying. On some of my previous sites I had this feature enabled meaning that when people came on and typed bad words it would let me know as well as get rid of the word.
    I think this would be extremely beneficial as nobody would have to see the terrible language and this would let staff know about players doing the wrong thing automatically.
    I was also thinking (this might be more difficult) that this could be implemented when people type on signs.

    Well anyways thought this would be helpful, tell me what you guys think :D
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  2. ive seen this on a server, it showed up fluff for the other people :p
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  3. So if it's been done before by... other servers then why not take this idea and put in EMC? I'm sure the talented staff can do this! ;)
  4. Oh I have thought of a possible issue for doing it in-game, snipping words may cause server lag!:eek:
    On the site however I don't think it'll be a problem...
  5. they should use a sentence that should really imbarrass the swearer :p
  6. The problem with censors is they aren't completely intelligent.. For example, unless the person adding the words takes into account every possible iteration of a word, there are still iterations that can be said to bypass the censor, like for examples, while many filters catch the word "penis" they might not catch "pen.15" or what not.. Another problem, which I have seen on another server, is the unintentional censors.. Like for a random example "pots" may get censored if "pot" is filtered word. Or "glasses" because of the word "ass".. "Assassin" for the same reason.
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  7. Remember kids - Every time you swear, a Villager dies.
  8. If I remember correctly Maple Story has one of those. It blurps out animal names that can be considered racial slurs or if I type "I got my paycheck, I will cash it later" it comes up as "I got my paycheck, I will ca** ** later".

    I think it was brought up before and IcC said that people would just find ways around it :/
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  9. So everytime you say Assassin's Creed, while talking about Assassin's Creed, Ezio will assassinate a villager.. So remember what happens in Assassin's Creed stays in Assassin's Creed unless you want an assassin to assassinate a villager..
    ...And that village is now devoid of villagers... :cool:
    *Pays Ezio*
    *Puts up sign that read: "Free houses for Sale"* :D
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  10. Yes but at least it would stop SOME players...
  11. I read it :)
  12. Okay just in-case you hadn't ;) I suppose it is quite a lot better the way it is as the staff are normally very responsive and deal with these things the way they're needed.

    This is still something that could be added to the site however.
  13. two words I see filters take out all the time for no reason (error I do know why they do, pointing out the problem)

  14. basement

    ...Now you know...:cool:
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  15. I was already aware of that problem :(
  16. as I said and you quoted, I already knew..... and you happen to be wrong about the second one... look up spoon without the s if you are curious..... guh.
  17. I don't really see a need for it... I mean, you can just report the post if there is swearing and I have never seen any on here, which is great :D
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  18. I know what it is.. xD ..Most censors only care about poo.. Meaning they are poo-centric..