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  1. Heya EMC!

    Just a quick suggestion from me today. So basically if you're the kind of person who sells DCS of certain items that can be turned into blocks then this is the suggestion for you! :)

    Add a command where everything in your inventory is turned into blocks with the command /block

    Eg. I have a full inventory of iron ingots and for some reason I don't have the time to turn them into blocks, so I type /block and wallah I know have Iron blocks instead of iron ingots.

    Tell me what you think and leave any questions, comments or concerns below!

  2. A bit iffy on this to be honest...
  3. Yea, if you really want to do this, just get a Macro for it.
  4. /block is currently being used as a chat command to block players.
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  5. I personally think it's a waste to get a command that does something that people can already do.
  6. If you want to fill all your inven spots with a block and your selling a dc of that block, then you should have enough of that block to fill your inven. hmm? :cool:
  7. He's just talking about a command that automatically crafts blocks, like 54 stacks of iron into 6 stacks of blocks.
  8. oh, i ready this terribly wrong :(
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  9. I don't really see the need in this command. It's really not that hard to place 4 or 9 stacks of an item in a crafting table then shift-click the "block" and get the stacks of blocks.
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