[SUGGESTION] Bitcoin supporterships.

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  1. Look at this video to see what Bitcoin is.

    There are so many benefits to this.
    • We get to advertise our supporterships in the Bitcoin community, which has a lot of Minecraft players.
    • People can pay through the completely secure means that is Bitcoin.
    • No problems with supporter chargebacks or PayPal fudge-ups.
    • Assuming you guys don't cash in your Bitcoins for USD during a weekend, the value of Bitcoins will probably have risen between when people pay for their supporterships and when you cash in your BTC.
    That's all I can think of on the tip of my tongue, and there's so many ways we can enhance gameplay with Bitcoin, too. There's servers where if you modify a unique block coordinate which hasn't been modified before, you get a certain amount of Bitcoins, encouraging exploration.
    Yay or nay???
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  2. Alpaca socks lol, Sounds like a good idea to me :)
  3. I was also thinking of a pro of this.

    Many players, on the younger side, have parents that don't generally approve of minecraft let-alone paying a supporter fee monthly to keep EMC running. It isn't the fact the members don't WANT to donate, it is that they CAN'T donate. They can't have a paypal account, and if they do they probably can't use it freely. I don't know much about bitcoins yet, but from the video I will assume that all ages can use them. This would allow many more supporters to support and donate. I am not sure how this would actually work, but it seems like a pretty cool idea.
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  4. Well, there may be some difficulty in a younger person convincing their parents to allow them to buy an alternative currency, but if one can break that barrier one is free to go! ^_^
  5. Aren't you generating the coins, not actually buying them?
  6. yes. yes. ohh wait, did i say yes?
  7. Generation has actually become quite difficult, so most people buy pre-generated coins from markets like Mt. Gox.
  8. Are you allowed to leave a generator on for one account on multiple computers?
  9. Bitcoins have always been quite interesting to me. I +1 this.
    What he said. I know someone who got 0.04 bitcoins over the course of 5 days.
  10. Nope wouldn't work. The money that supporters pay goes to the server and equipment.
  11. I don't see what you're talking about. ICC and Justin receive the monies, convert it from BTC to USD, and pay for said server and equipment.
  12. Must have missed that.
  13. Another mean of supporting EMC which is actually becoming popular and a safe way to purchase stuff online, it sounds good.
  14. Bump.

    So, staff, opinions?