(Suggestion) Birthday Reserve Area

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  1. So my idea is as follows -

    Let's say it is your birthday and you want to invite a few friends to have a party. Why not you be able to (on your birthday that you put into EMC) be able to go in and invite a few friends. Maybe up to 4-5 friends? It will be a huge room that you can do all types of things in. Trampoline, parkour, cake everywhere, ect.
    Also maybe you could have a little piece of paper that lets you invite your friends. You right click it and something pops up for you to type the usernames of your friends. Then, it will go into that players invi and they can right click the paper they get and accept. If they want they can decline and the player can chose someone else. It will be open for you the whole day of your b-day.

    Just a little idea that would be fun to have :)
  2. 1st! BTW good idea.
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  3. I like it actually! Hope they implement this before my EMC birthday, coming up like...in 2 days..
  4. This sounds like a good idea except for the commands part. Its easier to not have it code related but rather be more of a rentable event center (like a chucky cheese kinda thing). The ideas are brewing in my head. ..
  5. Chunky Cheese's?
  6. #KrysyyLanguage
  7. i like the idea, but your emc birthday or your irl birthday?
  8. Obvious answer is obvious. IRL birthday.

    And I do not really see a need for this.
  9. Why didn't you suggest this a while ago before it was aikar bday :p. I like this though. It is just a fun thing to have. This wouldn't be as fun as blowing up the wastelands like when krysyy, moose, and Jim were promoted but instead on getting a senior staff hood it would be the same for a birthday (hint hint aikar).
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  11. I kicked that mouse when I was 9...
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  12. Expectation

    The sad reality:
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  13. Wouldn't new guys start faking their birthdays to get a party the day after they join..?