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  1. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere on this forum, but if it has been I apologize.

    I am going to point out, that this suggestion would have to be a project for one of EMC's developers. I don't know how long it would take to implement it, but this is something that I believe would benefit everyone that uses signs on EMC.

    First of all, the ability to edit signs after being placed would be a great addition. It is always irritating when I have completed a sign, just to find out that I did a format wrong or spelled something wrong after I hit [DONE]. Being able to just edit the existing sign, rather than destroy and do it over, would speed up the process by allowing mistakes or complex signs to be edited quickly.

    This second suggestion is probably more of a long shot, but I would also enjoy a better GUI when placing a sign. I can never remember all the codes for colors, and it can be monotonous having to switch back and forth between the Wiki page and Minecraft to get the color codes.

    The current way to add color codes, using the '&' symbol and then some character after takes space up on the sign when creating it. When you want a word to be underlined, bold, and a different color, that is 6 spaces used. The ability to highlight text on the sign, and then edit it like a text editor would be a very welcome addition. This would not only speed up the process, but it would also allow for easier sign creation for new EMC players.

    I hope that others agree that this would be a welcome addition to the Empire. Please give this post a like and make a comment below if you think anything needs to be changed or if you have further suggestions.
  2. Your first suggestion is totally possible and relatively easy to do (would need some sort of sign owner system though). However, your second suggestion is impossible. You cannot change the sign GUI, how colours are added and the way the server stores the sign text.
  3. The first suggestion is great but most likely that can be done with world edit or another plugin. Sadly i don't think that they would give us this perm/ ability to do such a thing. The second suggestion is great but i don't think there is a way they can make the codes for it on the side of your screen (When you place a sign and on the screen) If they could that would be ALOT of codding. That is what i have to say:p
  4. Yeah, these are actually the same problems I have come across while playing EMC or even normal Minecraft. I have learned to act around these problems, but I do agree that they should be fixed, whether EMC fixes it, or anyone else does.
    I have never thought of changing anything like this before, but once I think about it... Everyone has these problems!
  5. Also, they would need to do pretty much like weeks of coding to make the side-GUI on your second suggestion. Though I think it's do-able, I'm not sure they would give it to the average player of EMC. It would probably be a supporter add-on.
    I just realised the power of colors. :p
  6. The colour thing is physically not possible. You need to ask Mojang to change it.
  7. you need to stop using weird avatars. For real though.
    Actually this has been on track, but despite what nfell suggests. It is not as simple as one would hope. Ideally, anyone with the permissions to place a sign, would be able to re-pull up the sign in order to edit it (with the text already partially filled). This is not available through the Bukkit API which means myself or Aikar would need to design the code to do this (correctly). IF it is even possible - hard to say without spending some time on it (time is the reason most unresolved tickets on track are still there).
    We can definitely edit signs from the command line, but this would not be worth the time to write that code. There is a better way to do it, and would rather not do a sloppy job.
    This is not possible from a server plugin in minecraft. Someone COULD write a minecraft mod to do this though. (I do not have any personal experience in this).
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  8. I figured this would probably be the biggest issue with the whole thing. I figured it would be more of an issue of time for our developers, cause you guys are already swamped with so much work on EMC.

    Would this just be a client side mod, or could it/would it have to be server side? (I myself am not too familiar with mods)

    I think that this could work, but when I looked at it, it seems that you have to use the command line, which chickeneer said they would want to avoid. Also, since it requires ProtocolLib, I would assume that the developers wouldn't use it, since as Krysyy says in the rules section for this forum, they don't want to install any third party software on the server. I don't know how that software works to know if this applies or not, though.

    Well, at least Chickeneer's post gave me some hope that there is a chance to get something like this. I will spend some time looking if a mod exists already for this sort of thing, and if not, I will see if I could write one myself.
  9. You do know that you can type /colors in chat right?
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  10. I do that all the time and it's a pain to have to click out of the sign and have to type it again after you do /colors. Also, the codes just disappear when I'm halfway through it. I ended up memorizing the codes :p
  11. Yeah, I've memorized most as well. Also +1 on the first suggestion.
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  12. The basic idea i've had a /command that edits the sign your pointing at like /editsign 3 newtext

    We could pop up the edit sign GUI too, but that would be slower and then you have to differentiate did user leave the line blank to remove it or because they didnt want to change it.
  13. Honestly, that would work great for me. However, can't you type more characters into a command prompt than on a sign? How would you make it so that when you type something in thats longer than can fit on the sign, you don't get an error message saying that it was too long? Or would that be the only way, and you would have to just pull the command back up and trim it?

    I don't use them often enough to memorize them, though I probably would over time.

    My second suggestion is more of a hope than a necessity, but it seems like a lot of people are liking the first suggestion? Personally, I would be happy with just the first suggestion, because just being able to edit signs would also make applying formatting so much easier.
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  14. +1 on all of the ideas. Many of these can be helpful for signs and I agree with what you are saying!