{Suggestion} Banner Hat Service

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Would you like to see this implemented?

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  1. With the release of 1.8 on EMC I think it would be fun to add the ability to wear banners as hats. Many of you may know that this is possible with commands in creative mode, why not in regular survival.

    I see two ways to implement this:

    1. As a senior staff service, where for a constant price the staff will add a banner that you give them and put it on your head

    2. as a player operated system. It could be similar to a one slot vault page called "Banner Hat" or something similar. players would type something like /bannerhat and it would open it up, allowing them to place a banner into it making it appear on their head.

    Let me know what you think :)
  2. But how would they appear? As hoods bent around the back, sides, and top of the head?
    Replacing the head entirely?
    Being folded into a teepee on top of the head?
    Being shrunk and placed flat on top of the head, facing upwards?
    I'm not entirely sure how to envision a 2D item being a hat...

  3. The capability is already there, all it takes is a command.
  4. Uh >.>
    I'm having fashion issues with this xD
    Thiugh it could be useful if you're a flag-bearer...
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  5. IMO banners on heads look really stupid. I'd prefer not to see people with sticks coming out of their heads walking around.
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