[Suggestion] Banner Copying

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Should banner copying be implemented?

Poll closed Sep 20, 2016.
Yes 2 vote(s) 20.0%
No 7 vote(s) 70.0%
No unless... (comment) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Maybe 1 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. We've all had this happen before: you see a really cool banner but you can't get it because you don't know how to craft it your self. This is why we need this implemented into Empire Minecraft - the ability to copy a [placed] banner on another person's residence.

    So I know a few of the questions some of you are gonna, ask so let me answer them:
    (note: these aren't real people asking these questions)
    • "I am the owner of a banner shop and I worry that such a thing can make me lose my main source of money."
      • That has already been predicted to become a problem so in order to keep you in business, a tag called "Banner:Copy" has been added. (Maybe even set as default)
    • "I am also a big seller of banners so what if someone buys a banner and allows other's to copy it?"

      • Banners should be marked with ownership like books are: only the author can recreate it.

        • (as I am not known with how that could be implemented or if it even could happen, I cannot guarantee anything if this was implemented)
    • "What if there was a promo banner?"
      • assuming they exist, they can be "marked" as well.
    • "Wouldn't this create free banners?"
      • No because you would have to have the base color banner already in your inventory. Plus you can already do it on a crafting table
    • "Although I don't sell banners, I plan to have banners out for copying but some, I want for my self."
      • For your very greedy comment, access signs can be placed above the banner. (and maybe a denied sign)
    I believe that this should be added and not ignored or dismissed as "contradicting the goals of EMC" because it is an improvement to what we already can do - create 2 designed banners from an empty and full banner.

    TL;DR placed banners can be copied straight from the wall

    Thanks for taking the time to actually read this! I haven't posted many threads at all during my time here but I hope nothing was violated or missing. If the issue is a violation, PM me otherwise post a comment and maybe I can respond!
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  2. The idea is well thought out but I voted no for the following reason:
    Banners are not free to make. Unlike books where one empty book is the only resource you need, each pattern on a banner requires some raw material. Copying banners would remove all of the cost associated with them. If making a banner have a certain pattern didn't cost any materials, I would support the idea but the current system would bypass the cost.
  3. Thanks! I assumed it was good as is cause you can - in a way- do this already. Here's an example:

    As you can see, you still only need the base banner and the designed banner
  4. Cool, I didn't know that was a thing. If copying is already in the game, what would this suggestion be for?
  5. Banners already on the walls on another residence. I think i mentioned that.
    (sorry if i sound rude)
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  6. You can always ask the owner for a copy or if you could make a copy of this... Not sure the amount of code that it would take to do this would not be worth it... Sorry...

    Also, this would not benefit many players, not many players use banners...

    There are also sites that will show you have to make set banner if you search it on google.ca....

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  7. 3. Some people never show up online at the same time or some people only join every 30 days to keep their res. very debatable though.
    2.Banner use has/is/should increase because of shields, and some people just need a cool shield.
    1. There are sites too, but shiny golden apples are expensive.

    All of your statements are debatable so I give you a thumbs up for that. :)
  8. But you have to keep in mind that code can only go so far, until it is too the point where it is not worth it... To program something like this could open up doors to dup's, disappearing, and so much more. I am sure that Aikar and all the dev members will agree and say that the amount of code that would be put into this is not worth it, when there are many other projects like 1.10, Empires, Land Claiming, Dragon Tombs, and so much more as well as the 300 current bugs on EMC, that they are trying to fix...

    Maybe in the future when there is not so much on the plate, but at this time, its just not possible. Heck there are features that have been on the list for 2 years plus... So if they where to accept, it would prob take them 2-3 years to get around to even look at it.
  9. I get that. I personally code some websites and i know how time consuming it would be. Unless you yourself can actually implement this (maybe in single player or something) you can actually see how much code it would take. Im not hating or absolutely in need of this. HECK, I don't even know why I submitted this! Just sometimes, you don't know you need something until you have it.

    that was a struggle to type
  10. I like the thought you put into this but I'm still voting -1 (sorry) for several reasons.

    I can't help worry that this could be abused. As Finch mentioned above: why not try to approach the owner of the residence (or check if anyone has build or admin privileges (see /res info)) and ask them if you could copy it? Note that you can also mail players both in-game (/mail send; just send them a signed book or book&quill, it'll be free) or PM them on the forums.

    If they're not around then the answer is obviously no ;) Your suggestion wouldn't change this I think (especially because this should definitely be defaulted to no (IMO) so that players can't "just" copy other players hard work).

    Personally I think this would be best solved within a Minecraft client mod, but not a server feature.

    Edit: I once made a suggestion about banners being able to be locked like signed books, but that turned out to be too hard to implement. Of course that was quite some time ago, I don't know if the 1.9/1.10 server code might have changed this.
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  11. Your idea of a client mod is a pretty good idea. Too bad I don't know how to even install one properly.
    Also you said that you once suggested that so its always great to know. And again, I can live without it. :)