[Suggestion] Ban the Word "budder"/"butter" :)

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  1. So we all know what Budder/butter is, a stupid name for gold. So why don't we block the words budder/butter?
    So if someone says "buying 10 budder ingots" you can already see that makes no sense.
    So heres a couple ways to block the word "budder".

    When someone says "budder" replace the budder with gold when it's sent. (Example) Someone types in chat, "I got 19 budder blocks!" When it gets sent it says this, "I got 19 gold blocks!".

    Mute the person that says "budder" for 10 seconds.

    We can all imagine aikar will enjoy coding this.

    And yes, this is a joke thread. If you were on smp2 when we were joking around you will know why. No need to go crazy.
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  2. I prefer to say gold, but who cares what people call it lol
  3. any1 selling any budder 4 mi? i rly need sum.
    But this is kind've extreme.
  4. Well maybe don't block butter because that is just a regular word and all the sky fans call it budder.
    And also the mute for 10 seconds is kind of harsh...
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  5. Whats better than budder? gold.
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  6. maybe it should be a perma ban :D
  7. A mute for 10 seconds is nothing....
  8. I say +1000000000000000 :)
  9. I haven't actually seen this at all lately to be honest. This does seem extreme anyway. :)
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  10. Budder is not a word.
    Therefore argument invalid.
  11. oh it is a word...a very bad one. It should be a new swear word.
  12. You were actually serious about this.. >.>
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  13. It's a thing that people part of the Sky army do (me) and you can't just ban a word that annoys you :p a lot of words irritate me but I deal with it. It's a silly idea but that's my opinion
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  14. Just thought of something else. Even if this did happen, only "budder" could be blocked, not "butter." Why?
    Player 1: Ah, I love autumn!
    Player 2: Why?
    Player 1: Pumpkin butter starts to become more common. I love that stuff!
    Player 2: Pumpkin gold? What? Is that some sort of candy?
    Player 1: What? I- No, not pumpkin gold, pumpkin butter!
    Player 2: -_- I'm ignoring you now.
  15. Budder must die.
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  16. This most likely a troll thread or a silly request but Emc staff isn't going to ban a word because some or most players don't like it. Just don't pay attention when someone uses it. It's just word if get under your skin so much just lightning up a little just a game to have fun.
  17. It's just a word :L people can say what they want, aslong as it ain't a swear word
  18. Well technically budder is a word and it is slightly majorly a drug reference lol.
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