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  1. I belive that when a person is banned for something and someone types /p [username]
  2. I fixed your colors, 'cause that's just what I do.

    Also, banned players can see who banned them every time they try to log in.. why do you need to know who banned them? Valid reasons net 10 points.
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  3. When you get banned it tells you WHO banned you and WHY you got banned.

    It will show up in the main multiplayer screen :p


    Disconnected by Server

    You're permabanned by Maxarias!
    Reason: Illegal mods
  4. Let's say that you belive that a person who was banned was innocnet, and you have proof.
    Instead of going to ICC or Aikar, you can go directly to the Mod/admin (unless it was ICC or Aikar) who banned them, because we ALL know that ICC and Aikar are ALWAYS busy, and it might take them some time to respond.
  5. I know that, i'm saying if your still ALLOWED into EMC you can see who banned a specific player
  6. When someone posts on the forum about being banned and everyone tells them to pm the person who banned them, I've wondered how they are supposed to know who banned them. I didn't know that they could see that information but not me.

    The only reason I can think of to allow everyone to see who banned someone would be so that we can help them by providing the proper link. Instead of a thread with ten posts saying, "PM the person who banned you." , you could have a post saying, "Here's a link. Talk to this person." Of course, there would probably still be ten posts saying the other thing :)
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  7. I see no reasons why other people should know who banned who.

    If you are thinking about helping for ban appeal, its their own responsibility to take care of that, not yours or his friends! If needed mods WILL add you to the ban appeal convo
  8. Ok then, let's say a person was framed for a crime, and he/she was banned from in-game and the fourms. Let's also say you have proof that the person who was banned is innocnet. You could use that info to go DIRECTLY to the person who banned the player and show the proof
  9. You can contact any staff member if you have relevant info regarding someone's ban, and they will ensure you are hooked up with the appropriate staff member. :)
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  10. I see the point here, but only in cases where the banned person needs help with the forum, for example a young person whose relative has helped with the creation of the account. In that case, tho, they most probably have other means of communication apart from the forums, so it wouldn't be necessary.

    In all other cases, it could bring nothing but trouble and unwanted spam for the staff to deal with. I'm always against spreading "private" information.
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  12. I think that there should be info on forums- who banned them, and how long ago.