[Suggestion] Baby Slime Promo

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by poofasaurus, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. I feel like I've been lobbying this for awhile, but have never posted a suggestion. Being able to spawn snow golems on our res has brought up my idea once again and I'm finally posting it.

    Baby slimes, the little ones, do not normally harm players and they are super cute. I would love to get my hands on one as a promo that I can spawn on my residence. I think it would be cute to have them spawn from a shiny spawn egg. I would prefer that they be a single use eggable egg that loses it's shiny once spawned instead of an egg with a timer. A perfect holiday to showcase them would be St. Patrick's Day, a holiday celebrated in many countries by many people. The eggs could be renamed "Leprechaun," "Shamrock," or a more creative name with green text.

    I'm not a developer. I have no idea how doable this is. I think it would be awesome.
  2. From the looks of it it's possible, but I love this! My suggestion is to post it here, emc.gs/suggestpromo! That'll get it taken care of properly!
  3. +1 Great suggestion, poof. My daughter wants one so bad xD She would love something like this.
  4. +1 *MacDonald's theme tune*
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  5. Cool! Maybe this could be coded to make it attack mobs and have more HP, and adding more things such as magmaslimes, pigs, and more. I'm thinking pets.
  6. +1 from me too, I really like the idea.
  7. I like the idea, but I don't like the one use. You accidentally punch it once and it's dead. If it were not able to be killed and able to be egged again it would make more sense. The idea is great though!
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  8. This is a must! +1, I would need to buy about 64 spawn eggs if these were to come out just to have a room full of them :)
  9. +1, I love slimes.
  10. I like this idea. But I'm not sure if this would be allowed, as slimes are classed as 'hostile mobs'. Overall, I would love to see slimes in EMC. +1!
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  11. I wanted to get community feedback first in case the idea was too far fetched.
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  12. Someone just liked this and reminded me of it :) Can I still bump it?
  13. mwahahhahahahaha ALL THE JELLIES
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  14. Slap, slap here's a plus. +1
  15. Why not. I love seeing the little slimes hop around. +1 from me.
  16. +1, I love this idea ;) I could watch slimes hop all day...
  17. A million time yes this gots to happen please lord let this happen. xD
  18. So what I heard. Is make the little slimes enraged. ;) jk
  19. Please do XD. It would be awesome to see baby slimes jumping around at a million miles an hour