[Suggestion] Automated custom player advertisements in the chat

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Do you think players should be able to make automated messages?

Yes 1 vote(s) 4.0%
No 17 vote(s) 68.0%
IcecreamCow 7 vote(s) 28.0%
  1. Of course, the price for this would be high, and the chances of this being implemented are small, but I think it would be a good way of letting new people know where the main shops are, what you have to offer, etc, to help new people get to know you and the server they play on better, to save them asking "Who sells X?".

    I was thinking:
    - Every X mins, a random advertisement is displayed, could be yours, or someone else's
    - It would cost over 50k, maybe even real money
    - It would / could only appear in town

    What do you think? Would it get annoying? Or would you support it?
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  2. lol first and fyi icecreamcow
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  3. I really don't think people would pay for this...If they have that much money they most likekly already have a well off shop..
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  4. It's not really about making money (for me, at least), but more about letting people know where to get supplies and stuff.
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  5. I suggested this and when I did I found out that it would be more spam in the chat.
  6. Imagine this - 'you pay 50,000 ... then few weeks later you move residences to build a new shop .... then the advertisement displays the old residence and it detours people from going to your new one 'and' you're out 50,000 that you could have used to use on your new residence.'

    and also - what if you run out of supplies in your shop? or move is temporarily turned off?
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  7. This would drive me to turn chat off.
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  8. yeah, and if someone who doesn't go on the forums and read this thread (saying if it did get implemented) ... sees the randomized shop message... they'll ask 'Why does their shop get to be advertised? I want my shop advertised too...' and then half the chat will then be flooded with people asking where they can get their shop/res added to the automated chat system and questions - which in essence would possibly double the confusion and spamming of chat.
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  9. The annoyance would outweigh all of the positives in my opinion. I don't see it being added, however if it was the price would have to be in the 500k-millions point. :)
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  10. It would be a pain in the chat, but it should be toggle able with the /chat status on/off (Or whatever it is :p) command.
  11. It'd have to be a new command - /ch ad off - because /ch status would interfere with login-off messages :)
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  12. I thought the /ch status turned of server messages? I might be wrong though... :)
  13. Yep, all those too
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  14. Ok, gotcha. :) I would think advertisements would fit under the "Server Messages" category, but a new command would be more relevant.
  15. Definitely not! This would drive away tons of players due to the annoyance...

    (It's a no from me)
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