[SUGGESTION] Auto-Miniboss Drops

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  1. Well, I just spent 40 minutes fighting a Marlix to have the boss drops stolen out from under me by a different player who hadn't done any damage. I suggest that miniboss drops be auto-delivered to the player's inventory upon defeating the boss. Should the boss be defeated by multiple players at once (in a group), then the drops ought be split in order of how rare the drops are correlating to how much damage was dealt.

    For example: 3 players defeat a Momentus: it drops a Toothpick, 2 vault vouchers, 6 dragon fragments, and 17 shiny flesh. Player 1 did 50% of the damage, Player 2 did 30% of the damage, and Player 3 did 20% of the damage.

    Under my scenario, player 1 gets the rarest drop, the Toothpick. Then player 2 gets the second rarest drop, a voucher. Player 3 gets the other voucher, then back to player 1. Each player gets 2 fragments, then players 1 and 2 get 6 shiny flesh, while player 3 gets 5.

    While the distribution system will obviously not be perfectly fair all the time, it's far better than the current system, where Player 2 could be the one to deal the final blow, take everything, and simply walk away. Because the drops aren't in a chest, or formally owned by anyone, staff cannot do anything.

    A complaint I foresee is "What if the player's inventories are full?" I propose the drops be placed in a locked chest at the lowest solid block under where the miniboss died. Each player whose share of drops doesn't fit in their inventory gets their own chest. The chests should, of course, lose their lock sign in 5 minutes to keep players from having locked chests in the waste, or free locked chests in the wild.

    Comments, critiques, or improvements? I feel like this would help prevent group disputes a lot more than the system right now. It's understandable that when you're working with a group of friends that you'll all work it out, but sometimes the nature of things is that you end up working with strangers. That's part of the beauty of EMC, that you can work together with anyone. The problem being that I will never work with a stranger to fight a miniboss again. I'll never even let another player I don't know close because I got cheated out of my hard work's rewards tonight, and I presume that this is very much against the sense of community that the server intends to foster.
  2. +1 indeed!!! i recently lost a bunch of marlix loot to a creeper blowing it up! and ive also lost a few frags from cactuses destroying them
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  3. +1, I myself haven't fought a whole lot of minibosses, but I can see where this could solve a lot of disputes.
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  4. cacti, sorry :D
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  5. +1 For sure!
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  6. +1
    Then if your not satisfied with the drops you can still share it out
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  7. +1 (or 1million) superb!
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  8. +1 But only issue is what if there is more than one player who fought it?
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  9. As it stands, multiple players cannot fight it right now thanks to Aikar's "mob claiming" system unless they are in a group together. If they are in a group together, then the drops will, as I stated, be doled out according to who did the most damage.
  10. I like the idea, +1.

    Instead, what if the items that are dropped can only be picked up by the group that the boss was locked to? I believe there was something similar with mail, where if you accepted mail and had a full inventory, it would drop on the ground and could only be picked up by you. I'm unaware of the difficulty to code either of these, so I figured I may as well throw it out there. ;)
  11. Sounds like a great idea! It could prevent the system from seeming too "enforcing", since my idea might distrubute the values unevenly. Say that players 1 and 2 did 50% and 49% respectively, but player 3 only did 1%. Then for player 3 to get a vault voucher would be incredibly disproportionate! This way, the groups can dole out the rewards as they see fit. Depending on which style of system is more technically challenging, I'd be alright with it being implemented either way, and I feel like it would benefit the community as a whole.
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  12. Maybe you shouldnt fight minibosses near us so we cant steal your fragments :p
    (cactus pun)
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  13. I fought and deafeated my first marlix and momentus today and I think it's a good idea
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  14. Something similar is planned
  15. No, that's not correct. Multiple players can fight Momentus just like normal, however, when you're fighting Momentus in a group then the mini-boss gets locked to that group for 15 minutes. The reasoning behind that is to make sure that your difficulty stays up (if a random player at diff. 1 would attack while the group uses diff. 6 then it would bring down the effective difficulty, thus also reduce loot drops).
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  16. Oh, really? In which case, then I would say to divy out the rewards just as if it were in a group. Though I suppose it is unfair if a player wants to solo a boss on diff 10, for another player to come by and start hitting on diff 1 which could lower difficulty and reduce drops...
  17. I'm a bit indifferent to the suggestion because although it might prevent drama with players stealing your loot (been there myself once) I can also see how this could create a whole new amount of drama. For example when players will start to fully rely on the system to distribute the loot, in other words: no need to share anymore, because the system handles this.

    It's why I only do miniboss fights with people I know and trust. And even that isn't always a full proof approach.

    Alas, I do have a more useful comment:

    It would probably make more sense to use the mail system. Comparable to what happens now if you accidentally drop a soulbound item while out in wild (for example because of a full inventory); it would get automatically mailed to you.

    I could imagine that if such a system would come to pass that the same approach could be used. So you'd get your items mailed to you.

    If it would come to pass then I do hope it will become a toggleable option because I wouldn't really be in favor of using it myself because it can also negatively affect gameplay.

    Small story: AyanamiKun and I fought a Momentus together and we managed to lure it a bit to a water pool. This was very close to an SMP4 outpost by the way. The pool turned out to be a stream: it was moving, we didn't notice that until the guardians spawned and got dragged into that stream. It blocked them, which allowed us to concentrate our attention on Momentus.

    I think you can guess what happened when Momentus eventually dropped its loot. 2 vault vouchers, 3 (iirc) dragon stone fragments and I believe some shiny flesh (been a while). In case you're wondering: ayups, it all went down the stream. I think (not sure) one of the enraged guardians managed to pick something up as well.

    Eventually we killed those guys too, then it was time for a water slide: trying to find & retrieve our loot!

    Which eventually we did. Aya found the fragments at the end of a side-stream while I found the vouchers at the end near another pool (we got lucky there a bit).

    Yes: it would have been so much easier to have this mailed to us (or a chest, or, etc..). But that moment where you finally reach the end of the stream and see your items safe & sound? Priceless!

    (and yes: I realize that this also means that someone else could have taken the items)

    My point is: there are risks when fighting these monsters and in my opinion those risks are all part of the game. You win some and you lose some. That's not saying that its fun to see your items go to waste, don't get me wrong, but yeah...

    Alas; just my 2 cents. As such: No vote from me because I consider myself neutral.
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