[suggestion] Auto delete very old derelict residences

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  1. I think that when a player goes derelict over 120 days their res should be auto deleted. If a player is gone that long he/she is probably not coming back. This will definitely free up some reses on smps 9 and 3.
  2. The system automatically unclaims derelict residences if the server runs out of open ones.
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  3. on smp9. Derelict ran yesterday. And reclaimed all old residences up to 46 days ago - which isn't bad since derelict policy is 30 days.

    smp3 ran a couple days ago... and well, the numbers aren't as nice. 11 months ago

    BUT, the system is programmed to only unclaim them as they are needed.
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  4. Yesterday I flew around smp4 and 6 and cleaned up some manually to help new members.

    System does a very good job...it just takes a bit to activate =)
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  5. One step at a time :) Cant over run the system
  6. Otherwise it might retaliate and we know what that means...ALL THE KICKS!!!
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  7. lol the server turns against everyone xP like iRobot
  8. So is the Derelict 30 days or 15 days?
    -It shows 30 days for the ./p command.
    -Then to shows 15 days when it comes to claiming a res.
    -Exactly quoted from chat right after claiming a res with ./res claim [Res#] it says;
    "WARNING You will lose your res if you don't sign-in for 15 days"
    I just wanted to point it out to see if that can be changed so people do not get confused.
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  9. Thanks. Will add to aikars list...
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  10. No Problem & Poor Aikar more work to do. :p
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  11. Not to hijack this thread, but I'd like to add an additional two suggestions

    1. Add derelict residences to /v open
    2. Put a command for /v derelict, similar to /v open and /v random
  12. this has already been denied, as people with an extra res and a del pocket could ruin everyone's day. ;)
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