[suggestion] Auto Change Chat when entering a Game Res (PVP, Mob Arena, etc)

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Do you live on a server and hate seeing people spam the chat from these reses? When you kindly ask to switch channels, they fully ignore you?

    Well this would make it so when a player visits one of these game reses, it will change their channel to /c r and then when they leave the res, it will change back to /c t automatically....

    Its as simple as that, and it will help keep people in the same channels, and free from spamming the town chat saying "Kill Me", "Fight Me", and so on...

    Any Thoughts?

  2. I'm pretty sure this has come up before and denied for the following reasons:
    -Players sometimes communicate with in-town people while on an event res for a reason, such as to have normal conversation in between rounds, tell others where the event is, etc.
    -forcing chat type is complicated and those events will be on the games server in the near future, making the time spent on this code irrelevant
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  3. It can be a flag feature implemented and when you leave that certain residence it defaults to Town chat.

    If you set your channel setting to residence chat by using the /chat command you yourself need to set it back to town chat.