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  1. Hello, I am thinking of a safer and easier way for us.

    I will give an example:

    I want to make an auction of 4 DCs of Dirt,
    I type /auc1 ( Just like the vaults system ) then store one DC there,
    /auc2 second DC.
    /auc3 Third DC.
    /auc4 Fourth DC.
    * I do have to post the auction in forums though.

    Then, when somebody wins, I type /aucw {PlayerName} (And that notifies them that they have won).
    *Once I type /aucw, the auc pages reset for me for another auction.

    The winner, whenever they type /aucget, the money transfer to me automatically and they get their /aucw1 /aucw2 /aucw3 /aucw4

    How about this idea?

    Thank you
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  2. I can see how it can be usefull, but is kinda too complicated for current system
  3. This would have to be integrated into the site in order to work (and auctions would have to be changed away from just a forum thread due to system verification). If not, this could easily be used to avoid vault fees and also to create a form of a shared vault.

    What if one person wins two+ of your auctions back to back? The system would have to differentiate between the items stored and which items had already been payed for (we can't assume all people will make perfect transactions). This would either have to be done via the site (an impossible task given custom items and books, and also renamed items) or done by hand via the player (an annoying task of naming/differing auctions via text commands).

    What if one person wins two+ auctions from different people? The command /aucget wouldn't know on its own which auction to pay for without some form of prioritization.

    And finally, if the site and game were to be integrated in a way that the game would be able to know how much someone owed another player via the site (and that this is an easily feasible concept), then we would already have a method of paying people through the site (all the framework would already be there). That alone is enough to show that this idea isn't feasible.

    I don't mean to maliciously shred your idea to pieces, I just mean to show you how simple and efficient the system we already have in place is. :p
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  4. Almost everything can be fixed and arranged. I have just mentioned an example, SS know better than me of course.

    Thank you :)
  5. I like the "notification" part of the idea.

    Perhaps there could be a possibility to send in-game notification with
    - auction title
    - who to pay and how much
    - where to pick up
    - perhaps a link to the auction thread

    The notification would pop up on every login until dismissed.

    Perhaps it could simply be an in-game mail message with a renamed paper, or few renamed papers,
    so perhaps we can start to use this even without any programmed shortcut.

    For the transport of goods, vault pages could be used in a way that the receiver temporarily gets access to the designated vault pages of the sender. The vault pages would be blocked for the sender until released. The sender would need to be able to reclaim the pages even if the receiver doesn't release them.
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  6. perhaps
    /mail vault-send {To_Player} {vault}[,{vault2} ...] [charge:{amount}] {subject}
    /vault reclaim {vault}
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