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  1. So this is a tiny suggestion, but I suggest that we change the amount of Vault Vouchers auctionable at once to be a higher minimum limit. Having auctions of 1 vault voucher just seems ridiculous, I feel like the minimum should be at least 5, however 10 may be more appropriate. Tell me how you feel.
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  2. I'm sure the average person doesn't have 5-10 at a time. I don't see the forums being completed covered with single vault voucher auctions. IMO why change something that isn't broken.
  3. I do feel like it should stay at 1, because not everyone can sell 5+, or wants to buy 5+. A vault voucher goes for about 10k, which is much more than e.g. a dc of cobblestone, which only costs 3k, and you can probably find even easier than a vault voucher. Should cobblestone then be auctioned at a minimum of 5 DC?
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  4. What if I want just one vault voucher? Auctions are the easiest way to sell things for the most reasonable price... I personally do not see this change as needed, but I don't interact with auctions too much.
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  5. Well here's the thing. SO MANY people sell Vault Vouchers cheap. So I mean if you want just 1, it's simple to buy it cheap. No need to have seven auctions of one vault vouchers. And I mean it's not like they're difficult to acquire.
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  6. I agreed with everyone else until I read this comment. This is a very good point.

    Vault vouchers in single quantity are readily available among the masses at a countless amount of player shops or even if you just asked once or twice in chat if anyone has one to sell. It's so incredibly easy to get a hold of just 1 that trying to buy a single voucher isn't really worth having to go through the entire auction process for.
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  7. They are set at one for the normal people who get them by voting or what not. For the long term players in this post 1 means nothing. But neither does 10k. Hell I gave away more then 10k at the last big dig.

    Keep it at one.
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  8. I think that.....it shouldn't matter! free vaults for everyone!
  9. Why does it bother you SO much that this needs to be changed? Not everyone has a shop to sell them and not all shops by them. And even if they all did, why does it matter? And there is nothing wrong with having 7 auctions at once or 50. As I said most people don't have/get many of them and this 8-10k they might get through an auction could be a lot of money for them. Making them wait till they get 5-10 of them serves no one.
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  10. I could use the argument then that you should be able to auction dragon stones in any quantity. An item very simple to obtain, much like the vault voucher. It is also very easy to sell to a number of shops and players at any given time, just like the vault voucher.

    But who cares if there's a thousand auctions for them at once, right?
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  11. I agree, you could argue that. But you need to make your own thread for that. :)
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  12. It was an analogy, not a suggestion.
  13. Irrelevant to this discussion. If you have issue with the numbers take that up with staff.

    This thread is stating that the min. amount of vouchers should be raised to 5 but uses 'they can be bought cheap from any shop' as a reason. This is not irrelevant as to why someone makes an auction. The auction is to sell an item. Yes you can sell to shops as well or you might get lucky and get more in auction. Just don't see any valid reasons to up it to 5 min. I do many auction and see many more. Not once have I thought there are too many just for vouchers. Remember not everyone plays in the wild. These auctions for some might be their only income. Why penalize them just to limit the number of auctions?

    Anyways.. I've said my opinion on the matter and I will leave it to others.
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  14. If there are too many auctions for the item you want to auction then wait or sell them to someone who didn't win the auction. It's not going to be raised to 5. They are obtained through voting. It's an easy way for someone to make some rupees.
    dragon stones are done in 8 for a reason. Just like most things are.
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  15. It's really not difficult to find a shop. And even if you can't find a shop, I'm POSITIVE I could find someone selling them if I asked in chat. It's not an extremely rare item like you're making it seem, they're super easy to obtain and there's no point in filling the Auction Page wand the Recently Active Threads list with this item in a 1 quantity
  16. So if it's not being raised mind explaining why it's in 8 for a reason? Because I don't see the reason for not having 5 Vouchers or for why it's 8 Stones
  17. What about the new players out there? They could auction these for rupees. I've done auctions recently only because I need rupees, and I don't wanna use all my Vault Vouchers either for an auction, especially since I have a small amount less than 5.
  18. I think what he is trying to say is that the minimum amount should be changed because they are much more common than they were before. I would say that you inadvertently proved his point. :p I would also say that auctions shouldn't necessarily be easy. There have been things in the past that have started out rare, then became much more common, and thus the rules were adjusted (ie staff items). Also, I believe the limit on these (vault vouchers) was created before voting gave rewards. These were obtained via special staff drop parties and other events (with treasure vouchers being found in rare chests), thus they were very rare with few in existence. The rules was certainly not meant to allow voters to auction these. That would run contrary to the whole point of giving out non-rupee (but also not unique) rewards.

    I understand that your argument is that we shouldn't restrict the auctioning of these, but that is the whole point of the auctions rules in general; to regulate what can be auctioned so that there is some semblance of order to what is being auctioned and also to make sure that the forums aren't flooded with everyone's extra junk. The OP believes that the amount of vault voucher auctions is high enough to be considered a flood of sort.
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