[Suggestion] Arrow res flag, or button fix for RESTRICT signs

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  1. I found a potential bug that lets people fire at wooden buttons that have a [ RESTRICT ] sign on them, and thus activate them, effectively bypassing the feature sign and allowing them to interact with whatever the sign is trying to block.

    As expected, this is a pretty daunting problem, especially considering anyone could use my Experience Bottle Shower at anytime to steal levels from my dispenser; I have the hallways leading there blocked with doors that have [ RESTRICT ] signs for now to remedy this problem, however.

    Another minor complaint is that the arrows themselves could be rapid-fired onto someone's res to raise their entitycount past the 100 mark and effectively make it impossible to breed or place armor stands... I don't know if that's possible or not, but I know [ RESTRICTED ] wooden buttons can be tripped with an arrow and not a player; my exp shower needs both types of buttons for a more precise "experience" -- no pun intended (wooden button makes the dispenser fire 7 bottles; stone button causes 5 to fire), so simply removing the wooden button isn't an option.

    Feedback please...?
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  2. Bump...?
  3. It has come to my attention that the arrow flag is a much more suitable choice, and it's all thanks to one promo item in-particular:

    The Meteor Bow.

    A glitch was discovered recently where if you fire an arrow at an animal on someone's residence with the Meteor Bow and you don't have the kill flag, then the firework that the Meteor Bow releases on impact with the animal will cause multiple fireworks to occur every single game tick, spamming the fireworks and lagging-out anyone standing near the fireworks going off at once.
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  4. Oof, that sounds serious.
  5. Block off your shower area for personal use or remove your button when not in use(arrows are ment to trip the button, not counting as an accual player) in terms of showing off could just block off public are to see thru glass.
  6. Were you talking about poor jeb?
  7. I think the idea of arrow flags is a very good idea. I'm not sure how it will work, since people can fire them off your res into yours. The possibility of not allowing any arrows in town, unless there is a arrow flag on a res, sounds kinda crazy. Honestly the simple solution is just to cover the buttons or use stone buttons (honestly I don't know if arrows affect both).

    Its a great idea if the flag was created perfectly.
  8. I think the main thing to do would be not to ban "Arrows," but ban "Bows," and make a flag for Bows instead
    i.e. if someone without perms tried to right-click with a bow in their hand, the error message for bows would appear instantly and the bow would refuse to fire; the message would be something like:
    You don't have permission for this here (bow flag).

    This actually *can* be done, as seen with some specific EMC items that when right-clicked, don't do anything (e.g. Blizz Ard's Nose, with the "It's not cold enough to use this yet..." message).

    Alternatively, the arrows could be made to disappear the same way as enderpearls do when thrown for the enderpearl flag. This might be harder to pull off, as the arrow would still make impact even though it was deleted immediately or... something... idk, the bow option seems easier to me.

    and let's not forget that shot arrows also count as entities, and that could spike up the entitycount on someone's res!
  9. Just wanted to bring this to your attention. I was aware of this and placed restrict doors in place already.

    The main problem isn't my exp shower though, it's arrows themselves.

    I also wanted to point these out, which you may have missed above your comment.

    I know it's most likely doable, and I'm pretty sure my suggestion is not unreasonable. If it turns out to be unreasonable though, oh well, I'm not going to fret about it. This is a suggestion thread, not a "do it now or else" thread, and I understand that.

    But do you have anything else you would like to say about the arrow flag, and not what I mentioned about my "exp shower?"
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  10. I have seen this thread. Well poke around the internals before giving a more structured reply
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  11. Alright, I have a pending fix that adds arrows hitting wooden buttons to Access/restrict signs.
    Also to resolve the Meteor bow issue when you are missing kill flag, arrows will be removed if they hit an animal where you do not have permission.
    These are really bugs though, and do not really belong in the suggestion box.
    Edit. Still issues with wooden buttons. Actually...
  12. can't you just do /res set item:use f? That stops a player from using a bow - and I tested with both bows... ( Meteor Bow and Normal Bow)