[Suggestion] Apply Buildmode Setting to selected block(s)

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  1. I suggest that you make some sort of tool (ie magic stick) that a player can use to apply his current build mode settings to the selected block. The person would have to have permissions to break and replace the block in order to use this function. The function could check those permissions.
    The same magic stick could do the display permissions that have been suggested in other posts, based on whether you right or left click the block. (ie both of these would be done without requiring that you attempt to break the block)
    Perhaps add a setting that would expand the selection to a 3x3x3 or larger cube (or maybe a chunk) around the selected block to apply those settings to an area with a single click.
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  2. If you are not one of the developers, please allow them to provide feedback on how it would be developed. For the community, this is just a matter of logging the user requirements.
  3. -1

    Although this would be nice for protecting structures that were built before buildmode was a feature or in case something was built accidentally without buildmode, I think this should probably be left to senior staff because of the possibility of abuse. i.e. people could claim large areas of land, which is probably not the intended use of this.

    The selections would also be a problem, since for big builds, it would take a while with small selections, but for big selections, there would be the same problem with essentially claiming land. If the selection is too big, it could possibly use up a lot of server resources.

    This suggestion could be viable if it claimed only the blocks the player placed and maybe impose some kind of limit if necessary.
  4. This wouldn't replace the SS ability to do major replacements. It would augment it especially geared toward smaller areas. I concede there would be the possibility of abuse. But that exists now. People can break and replace blocks wherever they go with the same effect. This doesn't change that.
  5. I am -1 for all what Yix said. Also, this has been suggested before I believe and denied for the time being.
  6. -1 Same goes here, sorry
  7. -1 as well, I under stand what you are asking for but this could very easily be abused and get way way out of hand.

    just imagine some one wants to start an outpost and would only have to spend 30 min to protect a huge area that they may never visit again. from what I have seen in my years of playing on emc lots of outposts don't progress past the first few days of exploring and building they never even get claimed on the forums.
  8. To resolve abuse issues, Staff just needs to have the ability to clear all buildmode settings for one player. Loosing all their protections everywhere (on one server) would be the penalty for abuse. A single command would remove every block they've ever set buildmode on. They wouldn't even need to go to the location to issue the command. I'm surprised if they don't already have that capability.
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  9. I've searched for this. There were several requests to allow protecting everything in a 3D area, just like the SS ability. Doing this with single block mode is far different than what has been suggested before.
  10. It would take a while? That's not a valid reason to say no to the suggestion. How long would it take to remove and replace each individual block. You haven't said we shouldn't do that because it will take too long.

    OK, eliminate the 1 chunk area from the suggestion, this is a somewhat valid point. However it doesn't change the fact that there is currently no limit to what people can protect. If you want to limit how much people can protect, that is a different argument not related to this one. The argument about server resources is therefore also invalid as it is part of a different argument.
  11. I think this suggestion will actually work if the developers find a good way to implement it and also limit it. But I'm really waiting to see what staff think about it.