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  1. We have several different ranks that we are able to obtain currently, the ones offhand I can name are Staff, Youtuber and Contribution Team. I think that currently they are sticky'ed or possibly buried in whatever category they're posted in and can be hard to find. What if instead of them being buried they are added to one of the top Tabs? Maybe the MORE tab since it only contains the one topic?

    This would help players find them quickly and more efficiently when/if needed.

    This came to mind while I was looking around the site for the different applications and Sambish20's Youtuber rank caught my eye. :)

    *I also fixed punctuation and run ons in my post. Mybad, hope that helps people get what I mean.
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  2. I'm confused by your use of the term "applications"....
  3. I meant like if you click the tab, it takes you to the application to apply for the job of Staff or Contribution team or Youtube, or whatever else there is. Not the stuff you download on your phone or ipad. I guess I should have specified.
  4. I think this is a great idea :) I'm guessing it would lead to a Wiki page dedicated to all of the applications. +1 :)
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  5. We could link the Wiki page pretty easily I think. I'll see what Aikar has to say.
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  6. Yes like that, or even a link to each application since they're redirected to a google link. Either works :D
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  7. Or you could try and integrate them in a cool way using iframe or something.
  8. They aren't all based in a google doc. Some applications (YouTuber and Build Team) you have to privately message the Community Managers in order to apply.
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  9. Ah yes, forgot that. A Wiki page would probably be better then.
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