[SUGGESTION] Android/ios app for forums

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by DanialBuchinger, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. I wouldnt know where to begin on making an app for the forums but id be cool so i didnt have to deal with the browser resizing and moving all around. Then again idk who would download it. Maybe its just me but i like going on the forums when im not home thats how i connect the most with everyone
  2. One of the most common suggestions. Won't be happening any time in the near future.
  3. Applications take so much time & money to make... the best that you could do is make a bookmark onto your phone's homepage...
  4. This has been discussed SO many times before. We've established already that updating the forum software will automatically have a mobile site included. But because the previous owner messed so much with the source code, it takes a lot of time to re-implement all of the custom code.

    It's up to Aikar to take on this huge task, and as we all know, Aikar is a busy man (he has a job and manages EMC in his free time, which is currently dedicated to Land claiming and Dragon Tombs pt. 3 already). So this will not happen anytime soon, so please stop suggesting it over and over again...

    This is not necessarily an 'app', but it's a way better solution than making an app for every single possible platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10, ...)
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  5. This is my first time suggesting it
  6. That was not directed only towards you, but towards the entire community :)