[Suggestion and Complaint] Mini-boss drops

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Fix this now?

Yes 9 vote(s) 81.8%
Yes 2 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Hey guys, less then 10 min ago cyberazaz101, Sir_Rennik, and MrBigBux battled a Momentus on the outskirts of a jungle on smp7. After we killed Momentus, we got the tokens but Momentus dropped zero drops. Not even one rotten flesh! This is the second time I have fought a mini-boss and gotten zero drops. I think this is outrageous! I know this has been suggested before but I am restating the idea. I think mini-boss's drops should be put in a chest which spawns when and where they died. Who's with me?
  2. We did get the tokens though. So if anyone looked in our token history it would show up. Just in case y'all need proof that we killed him or something. :)
  3. McDonalds
    I'm lovin it.
  4. I'm sorry what does McDonalds have to do with this post?
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  5. I had the same problem with the marlix-my first boss dropped nothing after a huge battle, this was ages ago, and sinse then all bosses have had drops.

    Question-what difficulty were all of you on?
  6. He was using the slogan to say He likes the idea
  7. I was on 5
  8. *suddenly all the understanding*
  9. I love it. Nuff' said.
  10. The three of us scoured the area, and I found some rotten flesh, but it was from the assisting zombies (I was in the area when it fell, so I know it wasn't from Momentus). Otherwise, nothing but the tokens... which is nice, don't get me wrong... but I think the chest idea would alleviate this problem.
  11. I'm not opposed to the chest idea, just so much to do atm, trying to bounce between everything.
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  12. How about an 1.8 UPDATE (I want Slime Blocks!!!)
    Bouncy!!! :p