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  1. You heard me.... or You see what I wrote..

    I'm tired of letting players take my money with little reward coming back.

    It's time to take a stand and say enough is enough.

    EMC give us a Casino so that we can lose to you instead.

    EMC CASINO:..... Non rupee prizes but books that are redeemable for a free promo that is currently either purchasable from /shopworld or currently available with /promo

    Reason: Not everyone has the real life money to buy an alt account and this is a creative way to allow someone a chance to win a book to claim a second promo of something.

    Game expense and odds up to EMC when making the Casino.
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  2. -1

    I don't see why a family-friendly server should be endorsing gambling, even if it is fictional
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  3. "Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible.. You'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself." - SPFTM

    I'm simply saying don't think of it as gambling.. Think of it as playing a game that you could win or lose like candy-land or mouse trap. There is risk of loss in Life and Uno too. All games !!
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  4. I would agree with Waffle if the idea were to be gambling rupees for rupees. But it seems Tower is going for more like a Game Fair type of gig. Its Minecraft, so although there is some luck involved, you can increase your chances of winning by skill. Something like the game of ring toss in a fair, where it is difficult to aim, however you get prizes.

    Maybe this could go towards renovating /games which I understand has been broken cause MC updates, but Im not really sure...

    An alternate version of this could be in Staff events hosted during promotional seasons. Like if Firefloor exceeds an attendance of X player, they can draw out a name and giveaway a promo or something.
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  5. I am going with a huge +1 here.

    First: you avoid people bending the rules (when done right of course) but.. my experiences are limited (been away for a while) but there are so many redstone machines out there (staff approved!) which are basically nothing more than slot machines. Why is that good and casino's bad?

    But second, and most of all... I probably sound old when I say this but seriously: from what I can tell most people here (not all) are youngsters. I'd rather see them lose all their rupees in an EMC casino and then yell and rant on these forums vs. them getting persuaded to gamble all their real money away in real life in a real casino.

    And who knows.. maybe players could actually win something here ;)
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  6. +1
    I think any added games are a positive thing. Sometimes its nice to stop building and adventuring and try something different. On the gambling concept, I don't see it that way if you're not playing for rupees. Playing for a chance at a promo is more in line with an arcade or Chuck E Cheese. Maybe even have a token system using books that allows you to save up and cash in for bigger or rarer prizes.
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  7. Don't other servers (family friendly ones included) have "gambling" as well?

    Im going to use Hy *not going to use name* as an example

    You play games and as a reward for either winning or completing tasks you get tokens and these tokens are redeemable in the hub as a chance of you getting a cosmetic that you haven't got before or the same one you already have. Aka "gambling" but it's not a main part of the game and you can choose to ignore it if you want.

    There is gambling in all forms everywhere you just got to look for it
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