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  1. Hello I have another Idea. Yes me. (Silent claps)
    So lots of people have alts. Yes im looking at you Jcplugs.
    I don't have have on yet but I plan to get one soon. So I think this idea would be cool to have. Lets say your alt is at an Iron farm. Once you have tons of iron, you place it in the ender chest. But then back in town with your wonderful little main player you can access what your alt put inside the ender chest. Maybe you have to do like /demonthunder345 enderchest IGotYourNose
    And then you have to accept by doing /demonthunder345 enderchest access. Also maybe if you want you can cancel it by /demonthunder345 enderchest off
    I think this would be a cool idea for us all. So yeah.
  2. No. If you're going to AFK your massive amount of iron stop being lazy and walk to town.

    This sounds like an Idea Aikar would have.. sounds so.. economic devastating
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  3. I love this Idea :p
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  4. No. This is pretty much like a free wild vault. No. Never. This is just PURE laziness.
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  5. What I find hypocritical of people in threads like this is, one thread they agree, another they disagree.
    Anyways, I can see this, but I don't think it should be added because it's...
    Well, yea it's lazy. I'm lazy so I'd love this.
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  6. I like this idea, but it probably wont work because of the fact that more people are against it than for it.
  7. It's sort of like the mail system Aikar has planned.
    Not sure how it would affect gameplay, I think Aikar has a bunch of fees/timeouts that will make it less desirable.
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  8. I was contemplating on posting a thread similar to this and then I saw this thread and read the replies.
    I totally forgot about this, this is a very big point and it pretty much trashes this idea.
    I saw this and immediately went to the tracker page, it states
    A system that allows players to send mail to each other in the form of books, so it can be opened on login.

    Items can be sent with mail for 50r

    Player is alerted of unread mail on login

    /mail - Lists Mail
    /mail send <player> - Hold Book in hand to send
    /mail senditems <player> - Hold Book in hand to send
    Chest opens with a information paper detailing that it will cost 50r more to add items.
    Chest size will be 9 slots (so 7 with paper using 1 slot and book in other)
    /mail get <#> - Retrieves message and items
    /mail return <#> - Returns message to sender.
  9. I thought the chest was to be a sort of "package" sending.
  10. Explain yourself?

    And Aikar once stated that you can "ship" stuff back to town when you are in the wild but there will be a delivery charge and wait.
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  11. no no no... it's unneeded.
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  12. Mail from wild costs 1k and takes a few days to "ship" to town .-.