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  1. The title says it all. Kind of annoying looking through 20ish names to see if a friend is on when the names are all scrambled. The struggle is real.
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    Friends list

    I thinks thats right :p
  3. +1

    Though probably easier just to /p PlayerName rather than looking through /who.
  4. well, yeah if I wanted to check every person I want. also /who is a lot shorter than most peoples name especially if it has random numbers that I don't bother remembering or its like: s3ver3nce with some numbers and some letters for the same letter. I have just got in the habit of using the tab shortcut
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  5. One solution could be hitting <tab>. Now, I'm not sure from mind but I do recall usually seeing my friends Aya and Cake all the way up there (smp2) while I'm usually somewhere below. I'm quite convinced that it sorts names.
  6. I'm aware of the autocomplete. I have just recently started using it. As far as the names, look at it. It doesn't sort them ;-)
  7. No, I mean the list of names which you get when you keep <tab> pressed. Then you also get an overview of all the connected players and I just double checked (online now): it's definitely sorted. From capital A-Z right down to a-z names.

    PS: gawa: check the link in my signature please, that event also involves you ;)
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  8. My Tab sorts about half the names and then gives up.
  9. I could see how this would be helpful, but /p or tab would be easier.
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  10. I thought you meant the /who list is sorted. its not. I didn't realize you meant when you hold tab down. Thought you were referring to the autocomplete.