{SUGGESTION} Aikar, Maxarian, and/or IceCreamCow Day OR Staff Appreciation Day

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  1. We have holidays for important events, why not important people? Aikar, Maxarian, and IceCreamCow are all important people, so why not give them a day of the year on EMC to call their own? We could have promos, too, of course. More importantly, this day(s) could be on the specific person's birthday, or another special day for them. It could be all three, or one, who have this day. We could also do Staff Appreciation Day, which not only includes Aikar, Maxarian, and IceCreamCow, it includes the mods, and other staff who help out greatly. In the EMC Community. And it'll be reoccurring, of course.
  2. This has been suggested time and time again. Every day is staff appreciation day, it is annual, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, minutely, secondly, and nano-secondly.
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  3. Remember this conversation the other night? Lol Remember /promo Aikar?
  4. Lets have one day a year where all players are turned into admins dressed as Aikar!
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  5. Sky's right, every day is staff appreciation day! :D If you want more than that, well, remember that a lot of times the admins do something special on their birthdays. ;) But honestly, just saying "Thank you for your fantastic work here on the Empire to better our community" or something along those lines basically serves as an instant Hey-I-Appreciate-You-Guys-And-You-Deserve-To-Know-It day! :p
  6. Krysyyjane9191 is the third admin, not IcecreamCow, but we do not need a day of our own :)

    We appreciate the gesture though!
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  7. Everyone is important, and Everyone is equal :) . The staff don't need a special day to show how awesome they are, nor do the players. You are all awesome :D
  8. Hence why the Maxarian Heads of Fire exist...
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