[Suggestion] Additions to the /ENTC command

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by WyntyrRaevyn, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. so i was talking with someone in-game and a suggestion was made that certain information would be handy to have when you did /entc more specifically what entities there are for each subcatagory. I mean think about it you have /deathlog and for more advanced report /deathlog true. the same principle would apply to the entity count. for instance /entc true would give a list of all entities in the area. But that would clutter up your chat window if you had alot of entities so i was thinking of maybe an even better way would be adding a letter to the end of the command A for animals. M for monsters and I for armor stands and items or /entc true a, /entc true m. /entc true i
    and you could also make it so you can just do the original entity count command and them click on the proper sub-cat for your report too.
    anywho's thats just a random thought a friend and i had and i hadn't seen it suggested yet...so yeah any thoughts or comments are welcome :)

  2. <--- That someone XD
  3. Something similar to this was suggested here and officially denied here.
  4. well now i feel stupid for not seeing that thread in the first place when looking earlier. thnx penguin
  5. this is a great idea, I think I'll suggest it
  6. It's fine. :p I was only able to find it because I remembered the name of it.