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Would you like to see this idea implemented?

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  1. The Idea
    As most of you know there is a command in game (/entc or /entcount) that will give you the number of entities around you, though it doesn't go that into depth. That being said, I thought it would be neat to have an expansion to the command to make it possible to not just see how many entities are in an area but to see what type of entities! There would still be /entc command but another command that goes with it that will tell you the type of mobs in an area.

    Current command:
    • Input: /entc
    • Output: Total:57/250 Animals: 6 - Monsters: 50 - Armor Stands/Items: 1
    More in depth expansion:

    • Input: /entc animals
    • Output: Total Animals: 8/250 Pigs: 3 - Cows: 2 - Ocelots - 3
    Please leave any feedback you would like, agreeing or disagreeing, as long as it is still respectful! :)
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  2. 1. Wait for new custom mob.
    2. Enter the Wastelands.
    3. Run around spamming new command.
    4. ???
    5. Profit.
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  3. Forgot to add that part. All customs mobs will be under data of the mobs they represent (if possible). Marlix would be a bat and a skeleton, an enraged mob would just be recorded as the mob (enraged zombie as zombie), Momentus, if possible, could be recorded as a zombie, and Super Turkeys as just chickens. Though I don't know what they would do with Blizz Ard like custom mobs if this was implemented.
  4. You could easily make custom mobs appear as their normal things. Eg: Marlix as "skeleton".
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  5. Yeah, making it easy to make...
  6. +0 I see why players would like to see it, but I see no real advantages.
  7. Couldn't this be used inappropriately like finding caves?
  8. I agree w/ that.
  9. Here are a couple instances where I imagine this helpful :)
    • Making a farm of some sort. If you have ever tried making a automated entity farm of some sort (Example. Gold, mob farm, guardian farm, etc.), you can't tell if you are getting the mob spawns you want or not and this command would change that.
    • To try and balance the entity count between mobs.of If you are at your residence and you are trying to make 2/5 (40) of the entity cap pigs and 3/5 (60) of the entity cap villagers, it can become tedious having to count them and make it exact but with this you could just quickly type /entc animals and find the amount of each and how many more/less you need of each.
    • Sometimes people go out into the waste/wild and start hacking away at mobs left and right and by the end of the killing time, items are everywhere and it can be really hard to tell if there is or isn't any drops left around you and by adding this command and doing /entc Armor Stand/Items (or something less lengthy) it would be able to tell you how much you have missed.
    I would love to see some more feedback from you guys!
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    • Sorry but we are not going to make it even easier to farm mobs/drops.
    • I put myself in the group of extreme OCD but even I don't see the need to 'balance' mobs on my res to such precision.
    • The new output of the /entc already answers this. If you are in the /waste or /wild and killing mobs you will note the items number increasing. This is the drops.
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  10. Thanks for the input. Is this an official denial or just a shoot down of reasons why it should be added? If it is the first then I would like to request that this thread is closed. :)
  11. Agreed.
    -EDIT- maybe while your in the wild, you would have to pay for this feature, as it could be overused, and probably kill the economy./
  12. Closed per request.
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