[ Suggestion ] Adding a PvP mumble chat room.

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Would you like to see this happen?

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  1. Hello EMC,
    I have decided that because in mumble players will talk about PvP in a channel where it is considered irrelevant to what everyone else is having a discussion about. My solution...

    A PvP mumble chat room where you can talk about PvP all you want!

    There is a mumble chat room for Friday Night Mining so why not add one for PvP as well so it does not disturb the ones not in PvP because you often have people yelling at each other and most players hate it when people yell in the channel so I would suggest adding a PvP chat room so for those of us in PvP can talk about it all we want.
  2. Upvote from me!
  3. Although I am not at all an avid PvPer, I would like to see a channel for PvP. :)
  4. I can see this not going so well considering the current PvP environment.
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  5. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. +1

    People get sick of hearing PvP stuff in PG-13 (other) channels. :p
  7. FINALLY! You agree on me with something!
  8. +1 It would be nice to let PvP have a channel :)
  9. I disagree with you (often)? :confused:
  10. Yes, Yes you do very often.
  11. Can you rename it to include UHC? Please please please please please please :p
  12. no that would be confusing since uhc isnt a constant thing. you can just still use the channel for it when it happens, it doesnt need its own label on the channel.
  13. I may just have to join mumble just to listen to what goes down in this channel lol.
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  14. I like this idea, because I'm not a PvPer and it does get annoying to listen to it all, but I feel like there are already so many mumble channels. Yes, it's very annoying to listen to constant PvP talk (mostly because it can get to be quite loud,) but it's pretty easy to move channels. Those that are PvPing could also have the courtesy to move channels when they begin as to not interrupt a current conversation. I do like idea, though.
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  15. and we already have the teams channels that I use when I host those
  16. People are dragged into an Official Team Channel during Rainbow's UHC.

    A new PvP channel is great because it separates the PvP chat from normal chat. PvP talk can be VERY annoying for those who are NOT PvPing. (And I'm sure other members of Mumble would agree with me) discussion of UHC, be it Rainbow's or just other (private/other server), can still be very annoying.

    UHC discussion has cleaned out mumble channels. I once muted half of a very large channel because of it. :p
  17. Wait I'm confused is it like a /c (r,t,l,e) or something else. Please Help me xD
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  19. Oh No :O Theres No Choice For A Mac?
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