[suggestion] Add more emotioncons!

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  1. After seeing all the emotioncons we have, i thought to myself this: "Why is there not a emotioncon of these:
    D: ;-; xD
    i think we should add emotioncons for all of those expressions.
  2. What would they look like?
  3. That is up to the mods and admins
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  4. ------- A worm
    . A rock
    ----------- The worm's bigger brother
  5. Now getting ads for emoticons >.>
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  6. Notice the empty space under the Smilies list? There is a facepalm emoticon for these forums, if i remember right.
  7. ====== The worm's fat sister
    _-__-_ A worm that met a car
    ☺♥☻ Mixed Race Love (it should be more common)

    I apologize if you think that's racist.
  8. Nah, its just this

    Big Grin :D
    Confused :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
    Cool :cool: :cool:
    Eek! :eek: :eek:
    Frown :(
    Mad :mad: :mad: :mad:
    Oops! :oops:
    Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
    Smile :) :) :)
    Stick Out Tongue :p :p
    Wink ;)
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  9. I have been on other forums using the same website template, and they have the facepalm emoticon:p
  10. :facepalm: ??
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  11. Most likely, but i suspect they disabled it due to it possibly being seen as offensive:)
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  12. Something like at here?
    EDIT: Probably the reason Empire Minecraft hasn't added some of these new addons is because maybe they haven't updated... EMC forums with xenforo have been up long since the last quite a few updates.
  13. It wouldn't even need a plugin - smileys are super easy to add with Xenforo.

    1. http://empireminecraft.com/admin.php?smilies/add
    2. Fill this in:
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  14. After being an admin on another xenforo site - it's possible to just add an emote and disable them with ease from the admin CP. No need for xenforo updates :)
  15. I asked Justin to add player head ones, and he's done so. :)
    Gives you this: JackBiggin's Head

    Thanks Justin!
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  16. JackBiggin's Head Woah cool.
    Can he do this for anyone?
  17. Yes, it can be done for anyone. See?

    yankees518's Headyankees518's Headyankees518's Headyankees518's Headyankees518's Head

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  18. So that's why Aikar posted one :)
    But, for the record it just pulls it from mag.racked.eu