[Suggestion] Add how to use private messages to tutorial

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  1. It seems that a lot of new players have no idea how to use the private messaging system, and they also don't understand res chat/ town chat, etc.

    I think that it would be helpful to add a sign to the tutorial that says how to use PM's using the /tell playername and /reply features

    I'd also love to see a section that describes what town chat is for, and the same for res and local chats. Sometimes people end up holding things like drop parties and auctions in town chat, and it gets pretty spammy.
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  2. The issue with any tutorial is deciding the information that needs to be posted and balancing that with how much people are actually going to read and retain.

    When talking about chat, we'd rather them learn not to shout obscenities so the focus goes to that. I'll look and see if there is a good way to add the pertinent information on the next version of tutorial that we are designing.
  3. I can understand that, people never read everything.
    Would it be possible to code in instructions for the PM system, that appear when a PM is received? They could appear just like any other server wide announcement, but only for that player.
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  4. Maybe something that appears only the first 10 or so pm's received. Don't want to spam people every message they receive...

    I'll talk with devs once they get these other bugs ironed out and see what options are available.
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