[Suggestion] Access Shop Signs

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  1. I have a feeling this has been asked about before, but it would be great if this possible. Just set up a shop sign for something that requires access, like a door. The sign would look like this:

    First line: PlayerName
    Second line: 1
    Third line: B (your price)
    Fourth line: [access]

    And that's how you do it! :p
  2. To make sure it has not been asked before, try searching for it in the "Search forum" and after searching in the Track, I find similar ideas.
    Pay to Pulse

    Otherwise, good idea.
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  3. I have been wanting this for a while now but never posted it.
    Until this maybe gets implemented, you can use the shop sign activates redstone pulse thing instead.
  4. This is already possible, wcg_elite has done it.
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