Suggestion about "Alerts"

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  1. Players should be informed of alerts in-game instead of just on the website.
  2. Alerts in game? I prefer that I do not get alerts when I am playing EMC.
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  3. This isn't exactly possible..
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  4. Well, it should be an option or a command like /alert list.
  5. How is this impossible?
  6. Actually it probably would be possible. One would have to change quite a few things to get it to work though...
  7. I do not like the Ellipsis you are using...
  8. I think it would be a great addition to the game but I don't want someone to hate me for being the reason someone has to do a lot of work.:)
  9. your ellipsis are much better than mine
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  10. I like the idea, but to satisfy others problems with it, make it togglable on and off :D
  11. It would be a cool idea, but the work just to do it would be unnecessary when we have more important things to focus on (dragon tombs and game updates) you can just minimize minecraft and refresh the site, not really that hard. :)
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  12. It should alert you if you recieve money and if your res is about to go derelect
  13. Since dragon tombs are being worked on it means that everything else cannot be worked on at all. So pretty much any suggestion people make other people will say that dragon tombs needs to be worked on (which i agree with).
  14. This is entirely possible, but would cause large strain on the server and site, much more than we need.
  15. I don't know whether or not that would be a good idea. It sounds good that you will be told while playing that you got an alert, especially if you're too busy to get to the site (although I never had that problem anyway...). At the same time, checking alerts on the site isn't bad either. Whenever I see an alert, I am tempted to see what it is...
  16. I'm guessing you mean for that to actually be on site, as that information is accessible in game (A alert comes up when you receive money and if you type /p [playername] you can check their derelict status.) Rupee history is accessible on site by going into the rupees page and for the derelict status you only have to login once every 15 days, not too hard is it? :)
  17. yup - was thinking same thing :) ...considering you have to use your MineCraft account to login into the EMC website... it would use the same information via website and client ... So just like how you could have alerts notify your email - instead it could just possibly send you a message in game ie. (WCG_Elite Posted In - Suggestion About Alerts) ...

    To me would be a very interesting thing to code - if not fun.
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  18. I mean on site
  19.'d be online, so not derelict.
    Dragon tombs have been in dev for over a year. We have other updates, right? Yes. Your statement is false.
  20. True. I take back what I said.