Suggestion: Able to have Alt's res as a /home for you

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Good idea?

Yes. 17 vote(s) 60.7%
Yes, but needs some improvements. 7 vote(s) 25.0%
Yes, but I don't like it. 3 vote(s) 10.7%
No. 1 vote(s) 3.6%
  1. Title says the main idea; Here is explanation behind it.
    I have about 12 reses throughout all the servers. if I have to type in /v [alt name here] to go to the res every time while I am on my main account, it just gets a bit boring. That's why, I thought of this:
    Why not be able to /sethome [res here] and it automatically tp's you to that res, when doing /home 5. It wouldn't change the res's name because it is owned by your alt, not your main account, and you would still be able to go to your reses while on your alt.

    Got any thing to add to this, please do. If you do not like this suggestion, or don't think it will be implemented, I already know there is a possibility that it won't, or it will get rejected; But you don't need to repeat that to me. It's just is something a bit disrespectful to say the least. I try not to put anyone down, so you should do the same.

    Thanks :)
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  2. Great idea! Love it! I could really use it!!
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  3. Great idea :D
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  4. One: Can't /res set home at any res, you would have to be give a perm from the owner of the res to do it
    Two: 5k cost to do it

    Like the idea :)
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  5. There's no point in a 5k cost
  6. Yeah there is, or else people will just going around making "home 1237284"

    ( no cost, people will make more /res sethome )
  7. Yeah, but people can also " come to my res if you want to have the home perm!"
  8. But no 5k cost.And it's optional if you want to use home or not.
  9. 5k cost so this DOESN'T happen.

    This is just like vault, if you don't want to pay 10r a time, pay to get it free

    If you don't want to type in their res numbers, pay the 5k for a home
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  10. But vault is kind of a privilege.A second /home is a convenience.See the difference?
  11. Bumpers.

    gollark, I think what minner is saying is that it would cost 5k to make sure no one could make a home anywhere.

    To add onto to that, if you are the only one who can go to your alt's res with the /home 5 or whatever, it wouldn't be possible to go to /v brickstrike-5 to go to the same one, because that only works with the names of reses.

    Also, this functionality would work great with the macro's list, because you have multiple homes, and not have the if false do /v instead.
  12. Just a thought, What if one day you became a moderator but you had more than 4 reses, would your 5th moderator residence be at the end of that list, like /home 13, or would it override /home 5
  13. That perk got changed to just be 4 reses like diamond. But, hypothetically speaking, I wouldn't really need another res, but I suppose it would just make /home 5 to be 6. so all your alt reses are shifted back by one.
  14. 12 reses?!

    And I felt guilty claiming one on my alt account.

    I don't think it's a good idea.. I think it would make it too easy just to get four accounts and have four reses and never pay for diamond. At least the way it is, you have to log in on every alt to stop derelict status.

    Maybe there could be a way to purchase additional reses for real money, then you wouldn't need alts. Unless you wanted to be online twice at the same time - which I guess isn't much of an issue while the server is quiet, but I think it would be a bit greedy if you were competing for slots.
  15. I guess you didn't know >_<
    Jack and jc have TONS of alts. With the reses too. just ask them. :p
    the reses would still be owned by your alt, and you would have to keep them non derelict. And, I go online twice a lot of times on smp 1 :p
  16. How this would have to work is you would have to use your alt to make it so your main account can use /home. For example: Alt account Derp123 goes to his res and does /sethome derp. This makes it so that the account derp can use /home # and go to derp123's res. This way you can't just set home at anybody's res. And if it was to work this way then I approve of the idea.
  17. that sounds great :D
    but, wouldn't that mean I could do /sethome uglydragon on my first res, your fifth home is my res?
  18. correct. But why would you want to do that? Or you could do that then maybe I have to accept it so that it removes people spamming other people with reses so they dont have 100 reses that they dont want.
  19. I think the /homeaccept would be good then. :p
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