[Suggestion] Ability to view a page of all the likes per person.

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  1. Hey EMC,

    This is just a small suggestion, What if you could see how many likes you have gotten per person... for example;

    Player Name - Likes
    Kippy159 - 983
    finch_rocks - 120

    and you can click on the number and it would take you to a list of all the likes and each post it was made on...

    and then the name would bring you to their profile...

    This could be used for contests and general ease to see how who makes the most likes to you..

    Any Suggestions? Feel free to comment....

  2. Pupupupupuplus one!
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  3. *likes*
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  4. Was it just me dreaming or did there use to be something just 'like' this on the forums? All puns aside, I seriously remember something similar to this and was even looking for it the other day
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  5. I love this no doubt +1 ;)
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  6. If it was optional to the player/person, then sure, I wouldn't mind it.
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  7. sorry we could never justify the time spent doing this, and i believe the way likes are stored in a database, would make it extremely costly to do.

    way more wanted things to work on lol
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