[Suggestion] ability to switch res numbers (1,2,3,4)

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  1. Apologies if this has been asked before, I didn't see it in the "read before posting" thread though. Say someone originally builds on the first plot of land they claim, then later on down the road acquire a new more desirable res area for whatever reason (closer to spawn, closer to a friends..). Is there any way to make that 2nd res act as the res a player would be sent to if typing /v <player name>? I'm aware for personal use we can just /home 2, but I'm asking if there is or ever would be a way to make that second res show up as our first, without another player needing to type the "2". Whether as a paid rupee feature, or through the deletion of any previous res.
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  2. Sr Staff can do it for 100k on the same server.
  3. Its 100k to copy 1 res to another. I think hes asking if we can change around which res is our 1st or 2nd res.
  4. This has been suggested and we do all want this.
  5. Right, I'm being dumb atm, sorry for my stupidity, I'll try to walk away with some dignity now..
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  6. aw its k -pats haro's back-
  7. I remember suggesting it and I might have been the first to suggest it and we all want it soon but if we want dragon tombs before 2054 we need to let aikar focus on that instead of smaller things like this unless it is RIDICULOUSLY easy.
  8. Thanks for the replies, actually the cost/ability to have sr staff move a res from one location to another was on my mind also, so thank you for answering that as well. Changing res numbers isn't crucial I agree completely. Just it would be nice to have another type /v <players name>, and have it showcase the res we are most proud of.
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  9. this would be a good idea... i've been waiting for this and i hope they implement it.
    maybe a command like
    /res setnumber [number]
    /res number [number]
    and that would switch numbers between the 2 residences
    i have a 1st res and a 2nd res, i stand on my 1st res and type "/res number 2"
    so then i can go to my 1st res by typing "/home 2" or "/v wildim9-2" for other people.
    and my 2nd res i can go to by typing "/home" or "/v wildtim9' for other people

    again... the empire needs this
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