[Suggestion] Ability to /stable stable minecart

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Have you ever been in this situation?

Yes 3 vote(s) 60.0%
No 2 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Simple
    Ever find a railway that you want to ride on?
    But you forgot to bring a mine cart?
    Well so did I
    then i figured wouldn't it be great if you could /stable mine carts??
    so if ur standing on a track and do /stable summon and you end up in a cart that is on the track?
    Is this op??
    No, /stable summon can be used to summon a horse at anytime and a mule who can give u extra Inventory slots so a mine cart is not op but rather helpful
    Plus the fees still apply
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  2. I think this could be useful but in my opinion it would be too op so -1 from me
  3. lol /stable summon isn't op? You can spawn a horse a mule or a donkey seems even more op then a cart that needs tracks to run on
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  4. But in my perspective I think that /stable summon is better with horses rather than minecarts, but I see what you are saying tho
  5. 'op' is such an overly used word. I can't see how it would be though. No different then stabling a horse. Both are means of transportation.

    +1 for this.
  6. No thx id prefer if users planning on griefing didnt have spare access to carts if they stumble across my netherrail.
  7. I'm not too sure. This is basically what /vault is for. After all; you can't carry fully equipped horses with you so that's why we ended up with a special stable system. But you can easily carry items such as minecarts and boats around.

    One thing though: if you summon a horse outside town then you need to pay a 100r fee. I think it would only be fair to apply the same thing here, but would anyone actually pay, say, 50r just to summon a minecart (or a boat)?
  8. -1
    For the situation you describe, /stable summoning minecarts would be good. But wouldn't you have to actually have a minecart in there to summon it? So, if you just /stable store a minecart, you'd still have to carry a minecart. So, I think it's better if you just carry them.
  9. Yea but I for once know that ones I stable Somthing I never bring it out unless I really need it hense why I want this
    Plus u can charge for it like with horses so there shouldn't be op at all
  10. This is what /vault is for and providing items with a simple command is not available in survival for a reason. Next time you don't have a minecart, go mine some iron and make one.

    Suggestion denied.