[Suggestion] Ability to set a Horses Perm Spawn Point...

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Have you made a Special place for your Horses to be? but when you take them to one of the other reses with admin, they spawn there instead?

    Well this would be the option where when you spawn the horse after de-egging it, you would type a command... Say..... /Horse set Perm

    This would set that spawned horses perm location. Although as soon as you egg it, it would reset that value, so it would no longer be set there.

    Any Suggestions? Feel free to comment....

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  2. I think this would be a great command to have set, this command can really help players who are migrating their horses to another resident. It would also save on the resources used to grow up the horse on the other resident due to eggifying. +1
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  3. I'm probably overlooking something but: why not simply use /stable?

    That seems like an efficient way to move horses across residences.
  4. Stabling a horse and putting it on a different resident does not set that resident as the spawn resident, once you get off it the horse will teleport back to the first resident after a little bit. The player is also unable to get off the horse without it going back into your stables if you taking it across smps.

    The only way to set the spawn resident is to eggify the horse and place it on the resident you want it to spawn.