[SUGGESTION] Ability to Download Rupee History

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Czarina_Julie, Jul 8, 2016.

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    I'd definitely support this, this would allow us to download the whole thing (preferably in a csv (comma separated) file format) and then import it into a spreadsheet of your choosing. And that would give us all the options we'd need to search through our rupee history.
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  3. I would LOVE this, especially if we could separate sales from our player shops
  4. I know about none of the words in your last sentence but +1! ;)
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    I understand it completely. It's pretty close to one of the things I used to do at Digital Domain, wherein I had to be able to parse very large sums of data very quickly, with variables, parameters, etc. And I agree, would probably be very easy to do.

    Another idea is to have the website parse the info for you, being able to hide/show records containing keywords and/or sort by fields. I'd definitely be using this often, were it implemented. As it stands, since I'm on a Mac, I can't use the .exe file :/
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    I would like a JSON format. Easy to parse and very versatile, that way you can just easily parse the JSON export of the rupee history instead of having to make a custom parser like Shavingfoam had to.
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    CSV is what I'm for, it works with more or less anything, including my Mac.
  8. Ew, a mac! XD

    I didn't even think of this myself, I do play on EMC from my macbook sometimes, so not being able to use .exe would be a pain... I like your suggestion of having the website doing all the organizing "in house" instead of debating file formats to download information
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    this would be very helpful
  10. +1 Yes! This would be great
  11. .csv seems like the obvious choice because it works on every OS with anything that can handle a table. I know me and some other people would love to have the option to do stuff with our rupee history that wouldn't really be possible in an in-house application.

    Or you can always just offer both options.
  12. couldnt one of yall just make an external application liek shavingfoam or azoundria did that has all the functionality listed above? seems like something a third party site could do better than xenforo
  13. You could, but that then would require dependencies that optimally you wouldn't have to be using. Plus, if a third party were to parse the rupee logs manually (pain in the ass btw), they would need to make a version of the parser for every programming language that they want to support where as native .json or .csv parsing would make everyone's lives much easier.

    I think that .json makes more sense here because for one, http://empireminecraft.com/api/server-online-[smp]/ already outputs .json so it would make sense to keep the file formats the same. In addition, .json is already versatile and widely used so it makes sense to continue the trend of using json throughout EMC code.
  14. what if the site had the ability to download it and convert it to the filetype needed?
  15. At that point, that's basically what we're asking for but with native support instead of a third party implementation. It's a lot more of a headache to try and parse the current format and then reparse it again to another format than it is to implement it from the beginning. Why introduce unnecessary steps?

    Also at that point, you'd be having to pass over your credentials to that third party and then to EMC which opens up potential security hazards.

    It's just better all around if it was natively introduced.
  16. Per Aikar (since he's packing up his laptop atm),

    This will not be happening server-side. If this is something you are looking to have, then please use one of the external applications that our members have made. Querying the database to generate one of these rupee reports is both taxing on the servers and a humongous database risk that we would have to set up a completely separate environment in order to support without compromising security.

    Suggestion denied.
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