[Suggestion] A way for a hopper to transport stacks

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by zervados, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Currently, hoppers transport 1 item at a time which allows for clocks and such, I am asking for a way for it to transport stacks of items for a speedy process. I don't know if it's possible, but it'd be great.

    Possibly a res setting (/res set hopperstack t) or maybe just a special hopper obtainable via command.

    I don't want to get rid of timers, I want a way to have the best of both worlds in some way.
  2. I believe aikar was originally looking to make this a thing when he realized hoppers were causing lots of lag.
  3. He was. I dont remember him saying any feedback on that though. I just urge that aikar makes it a thing
  4. If it's against vanilla then no.

    I understand if you want to have a higher flow especially with (Many) items but minecraft vanilla didn't set them that way.
  5. Not sure if you noticed, but a ton of things on EMC goes against vanilla.
  6. I dont know if you could make it work like that in one place and not another but. I remember aikar saying he was working on a way to make it toggleable with proximity to like a trapped chest or something
  7. I don't know how feasible this suggestion would be, particularly considering what ramifications it might have when applied to areas you wouldn't normally think about. The timer thing is a real concern. This might break quite a few Redstone machines. Another issue to consider would be how hoppers would behave with a stream of items. Would it wait for a full stack, or push them through one at a time? Interesting suggestion, but I think the complications might outweigh the benefits.
  8. I've been here long enough what EMC is...

    I am showing my opinion and that is that.
  9. If it's changed in the wild then a few farms will be broken. If this can be a town only thing then all for it.
  10. The last I heard he was looking for a way to make it toggleable, idk where he got with that
  11. Rather than trying to modify regular Hoppers, could we have a special one that treats items a different way? Could lore be added to a Hopper to distinguish it from normal ones? Assuming they are modified to improve server functionality we could have Shop set up to trade them one for one for normal ones which would encourage us to use them where improved item throughput is an advantage.