[suggestion] A Trust Fund Idea

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  1. If anyone remembers my system banks suggestion, they know the basis of this when I pretty much agreed that that particular suggestion would be useless; however I also mention something about the following:
    How it would work
    • It would link together rupee accounts forming a rupee pool or pot.
    • It shows how much money you have in total throughout all linked accounts, and history.
    What it would do
    • In Game, you still have your individual rupees by using /r. But you also have access to a new command to access all money in the pot (/r total?). Different Settings would be available to configure the big pot to it's purpose. For example:
    John links together his rupee account and his friend's account, Jack. He sets it so no more than 10k may be taken out a day unless both people in the group agree by a confirmation command. If Jack tries to steal all 25k in the pot, he is denied access and John is alerted next time he is online.

    Here is a business example:

    Tyler is the owner of Wood Supply Co. He has 9 employees that work for him. He has set up an auto payment system to his workers that gives them 9k a day if the total income is above 18k a day.
    If it does not reach that maximum they do not get paid.

    What do you guys think? It could be either simple, or complex, but I feel like sometimes it's best to have a second point of view, so any more suggestions, additions would be great. Any criticism should not be just, "No" nor should it be put downs. Thanks :)
  2. I think It could be cool with some tweaks
  3. Don't make it oh-so-complicated with all that limited access junk. Just combining rupees completely for those with alts is good enough. However, if one of the accounts in the link get banned, then their balance should be subtracted from the link.
  4. This actually sounds like a really good idea.
  5. We have to have failsafes, because who knows what could happen.
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  6. This is a good idea but I think the empire should start simple with this idea to get people use to it.

    Possibly just begin with the joined rupees with /link # so we can have multiple rupee links with people and then we see how people like it and move on to the technical stuff.

    Overall a pretty darn good idea.
  7. What mba said is exactly why I said it would be complex.
    There HAS to be failsafes to insure it is not abused. I'm sure anyone would be very angry if a 'friend' who had linked together their accounts took all the money out.
    Other than that, it is a pretty simple idea that I thought would be more useful then my previous system banks....
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  8. Simple thing is simple you should obviously have more trustworthy friends or better yet keep it to alts only.
  9. Likez. :)
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  10. Thumbs up from Bro :p
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  11. But what if I wanted to share some money with you? You say that you are male, and 16 years old, but who knows, you could easily be 60 years old and be female. I trust a fair few people on here, but I wouldn't trust them enough to let them have free access to my money at any time.
  12. If you wanted to share some cash you could just let them borrow it.
  13. But can you be sure they'll pay it back?

    Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that it's just too risky to have a simple system, and it needs failsafes. That's the main reason why Aikar hasn't yet implemented an admin flag into residence, because the risk of someone stealing something or doing something unexpected is too great.
  14. It will be a great idea :D +1,my brother and I share the rupees,but we have to switch account often to get rupees from both accounts..
  15. I think is a good idea. But maybe will be extremely complicated to do all this banking systems and will take a lot. However, if it's done I believe the best way to go is with a control panel on the website. Maybe where the rupees history is, because auto payments and IFTTT will be a bit tricky to work around by simply using commands on MC.

    I would add to that same economy control panel a web shop (just like the Web Shop plugin) but for a HUGE economy update, meaning HUGE amount of time for development.
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  16. There will be an update to the economy like after DT and I have suggested to the overlords to update the site in that regards. AKA people think alike. :p
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  17. Overlords? A bit too much SC2? lol :p

    PD: If you have no idea of what I'm talking about then nvm, Internal starcraft fans joke.