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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Seanawesome14, Oct 23, 2015.

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  1. Ok, I really think that while this idea is crazy, it would be amazing, possibly the best party on EMC. It's a special type of Drop Party, and you know why? Several reasons!

    A.) First off, it's all suggested by players!
    B.) Second, it's all based on movies/television!
    C.) Third, it's free special EMC Items!

    So, basically how this would work is Krysyy would create a thread, and take in ideas from people for items. Then, the top 25 would be taken, put in a thread on a spoiler with numbers assigned, and the numbers all be put in a poll. All 25 items would then be voted on by the EMC community, and then after some amount of time, the top 5 winners be declared and then the items be dropped at parties, whether they be all in 1 party, or spread out over different ones. There would be a limited number (I was thinking 16 a piece, but less would be pretty cool) and one of them would be given to the person who suggested it. Now, you may be thinking "Oh this is ridiculous, it's just a way for OP Tools to be created and ruin the economy" Well here's the thing, there would obviously be a limit on the tools, and this would keep OP Items down. But I mean we could even just ban tools in general. Please keep the comments polite and helpful, and don't criticize me in any rude ways, just the idea. Hope you guys vote in the poll! I really put a lot of thought into this, and hope you like it!


    Edit 2 : Didn't mean to have all caps, I used caps lock instead of shift by accident. And no, I am not changing it now as it's too much to type again.
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  2. Oh hey, I forgot the bloody poll....I'll repost.
  3. I hate you and your idea a lot.


    Anyways, you're basically asking for player chosen content(The custom promo item perks). What is the reason of making a custom item/promo; solely because of this random drop party idea?

    Also, I don't get is the actual drop party to be themed, this is somewhat irrelevant since the items will just be dropped. It's not like a trivia where questions will be based on certain things.

    Summing the idea idea up; allow players to choose the customization of the next promo item.

    leave the whole drop party thing aside
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  4. Well I would just like to point out that this has been done before, several times, actually, and we actually have plenty of things we could do it for *coughs* 100k *coughs* Making an edit to the main post now.
  5. Think of it this way, those new items were made to celebrate these events happening, with a little drop party along the side. They weren't made specifically for the drop parties themselves. Also, absolutely no comment about using all caps.
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  6. Ok, so we can't just have items in a celebration Drop Party be items that aren't EMC related? Because I mean, look at some of the things we've got. They're not all technically EMC Related, and I think we could use a change on those lines anyways. And yes, the items made were made for the drop party celebrating what happened.
  7. First of all, you misheard me. I never said we can't have anything non-EMC related. I'm all for a Sonic Screwdriver or pink hoverboard, but the staff members aren't going to throw them in just for the sake of having a drop party.
    Your first example: New items to celebrate hitting 100k, not just for a random drop party.

    Your second example: Celebrating 250k with new promos AND a drop party.

    Your third example: Celebrating the fact that one of the admins got engaged! That's not just randomly being made for the sake of having a drop party, they're made for actual events that happened and are more or less EMC-related.

    My point, the promos are made for a valid reason. They're not made for the sake of throwing out more crap for people to collect, or because only one member wants a drop party with new stuff. Promos are made for special events/occasions/significant holidays.
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  8. And I think you misheard me. I didn't mean for this to be a "hey guys lets just throw a random DP" type of situation. No. And as I very clearly said it could be some sort of a celebration for an EMC accomplishment. Which, I mean, you obviously knew about since you quoted it....
  9. The post Jay said is somewhat what I had said.

    Your idea would be better off simply being "Users get to pick the customization and item for the promo" Basically ideas would be thrown and the best one polled would win just as you mentioned. These promos would get implemented like all other promos would with the exception of them being "player made"
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  10. Tell me - Where in the OP did you say these would be for special events?
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  11. A drop party isn't supposed to be beneficial nor planned out. Sure you can vote for, "3 diamond vouchers in the dp!" but the rest of the items shouldn't be stated. It kinda ruins the point of dps trying to sort out the crap you get.
  12. And, since you seem to know everything I say, where in the OP did I say this is a completely separate DP hosted just for the heck of it? Yah, that's what I thought.

    Ok, well I mean the items don't have to be stated, and the poll votes don't have to be visible. And I honestly don't understand what you're trying to say with the last sentence. I'm not sure if English is your main language, but if it isn't maybe put it in Google Translate? I'm just a little confused.
  13. I give up.
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  14. First off, rude. Being rude to opinioners like myself isn't helping me push for this.

    I wasn't talking about poll votes I am not sure what your referring to when I say, "Items shouldn't be stated"

    But I'll explain myself further because I don't like being told off that my English is bad.
    I'll go off your first point, It will be suggested by players if it's agreed. Not because you said so.

    How can drop parties be based on movies/ television? Aren't you basically doing the same thing running around with your head cut off getting items? Are you suggesting having a setting like that?

    Most dps aren't all free special EMC items. It can be something else in value like a beacon or as simple as a diamond block.

    Saying that staff lead dps give out 5+ new items doesn't fully explain why Staff or the rest of the community should support you or your idea.

    Overall, -1 I don't agree with it since dps don't need to be more complicated. They are actually very simple and let's keep it that way.

    Edit: Several doesn't mean 3. It actually means few
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  15. You can suggest a DP item at http://emc.gs/suggestpromo.

    This suggestion seems very similar to this one you made earlier. I think it's a bad idea for these reasons (and yes, they're copy-pasted from the other thread):
  16. I'm actually quite curious on what was rude. And actually, when items are dropped to you for a celebration, isn't that the equivalent to a free item? Yes, it is.

    If we wanna go back to your game of bringing up the past, feel free to, just remember they'll be reported each time.
  17. You have no valid reason to report Penguin for what he's doing. Absolutely nothing Penguin said is in any way against the rules or offensive to the point where it should be reported. Should you report his posts, the staff will have more to hold against you than him. You're becoming hostile over a few comments that didn't go your way, and as such you've decided to go to false accusations/statements such as:
    Where did I ever say that?
    What Foxy said was perfectly legible, clear, and understandable, and was actually raising a good point.

    Anyway, every suggestion ever made is going to get some sort of criticism, and there's no point in raising hostility over every comment that doesn't go your way. If you can't handle the criticism, then don't make the suggestions. It's best to just listen to what people have to say instead of just making comebacks for every even slightly negative comment on one of your posts.
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  18. What Penguin has done, has been done before, and I reported it, and it was removed. And what I said to Foxy was honestly not understandable, and if you think it's so legible then could you please explain it to me? Thanks.
  19. Your being oblivious to my comments, therefor I'm not following this thread anymore. If you really think you didn't do anything wrong then...
    This was extremely offensive. You don't know me.
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  20. Suggesting that someone's grammar is terrible can sometimes be very offensive to some people, especially telling them to use google translate. Something to keep in mind.
    I'm a bit confused as to what you mean here... I looked at this suggestion and related what I considered the flaws of that suggestion to this suggestion, and I realized that what was said in your other thread can also be applied to this one.

    Why does that warrant a report? :confused:
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