[suggestion] A Special Item In Tirbute To Justin Guy

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  1. So I Was Thinking That since Justin Guy Has Left or Taken Leave From EMC That You Guys Create A Justin Guys Favorite Item And Name In The Color Of Admin's Names "In Tribute To Justin Guy" That Can Only Be Purchesed in /Shop For Say 50k Or Gotten From Special Events. Well That Is May Suggestion
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  2. JustinGuy head?
  3. All these special items.. If we keep going like this there won't even be a purpose. Yes it's sad that he stepped down; but let's face it, having a new item for everything that happens doesn't make any sense.
  4. We should have a special item for you.
  5. Nice try. No.
  6. He Was Owner Of Server This A Well And Great Time For A Special Item In Tribute To Are Once And If I might Say a Creater of EMC We Wouldnt Be Playing EMC If Not for Justin Guy And Many Others....
  7. Can you please not capitalize every word, kinda gets hard to read.

    In that case, we should also do one for Aikar, ICC, Maxarias, Dark_Liz, and SO many others. Do you see where I'm going with this? It gets out of hand..
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  8. Sure it's sad, but we just had a promo and probably getting one soon for Christmas / New Years, no need to give out promos for everything that happens in the empire then they wouldn't be promos.
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  9. What Is Wrong With Doing So?
  10. Ok Xharo_der i see your point.... We Do Have a Little 2 Many Promo's.... Just thought it was a good idea..... srry for every letter in caps bad habbit i have hard to wright this like this lol.